Angola's results in the use of space technology stand out

Luanda, Apr 2 (Prenza Latina) Angola's results in using space technology to solve society's problems stand out today, the first day of the new Space Africa 2024 conference.

Mario Oliveira, Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Social Communication, explained that more than 20 thousand Angolans are currently benefiting from the implementation of the Conecta Angola project, which allows connection to people living in remote areas.

During the opening of the event, the owner announced the launch of a new access point linked to this social project, which will be available from tomorrow in the municipality of Muangai, Moxico province.

Conecta Angola, activated from June 2023, is one of the applications of the Angosat-2 satellite, whose coverage area allows it to reach the most remote areas of the country and neighboring countries.

In this sense, the Minister also highlighted the importance of connecting the country to the implementation of various measures and programs of regional impact that contribute to integration within the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

He said Angola is ready to take a regional leadership role in this regard and chair the SADC Satellite Sharing Program Sector Steering Group.

The country is part of a restricted group of four African countries that have a telecommunications satellite with Nigeria, Algeria and Egypt, a factor in economic growth and social inclusion. pointed out.

Oliveira also highlighted that Angosat-2 is fully managed and operated by Angolan personnel, trained in the world's leading universities and teaching institutes in the field of space.

The African Union Commissioner for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Mohamed Belhousin, mentioned this aspect in his speech, who supported the joint effort to train young Africans in key projects of the African space sector and to achieve the goals. Common.

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“I want to share at this point that the African Union is ready to support all initiatives aimed at African space companies,” he said.

The third edition of the New Space Africa 2024 Conference brings together more than 400 delegates from 44 countries, including representatives of national space agencies and industry leaders, until April 5.

The event will allow companies and interested parties from all sectors of the African space industry to exchange experiences and create business opportunities.

Under the theme: The Role of Space in Bridging the Poverty Gap in Africa, panels, workshops are held and around thirty exhibitors, including the United States' National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), showcase their capabilities.

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