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Inflation decreases. The inflammation, measured by the variation in Metropolitan Lima's Consumer Price Index (CPI), resumes its downward trend after registering a rise in February. He National Institute of Statistics and Information (INEI) He explained that annual inflation stood at 3.05% in March.

With this, the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) again approached the upper end of its target range of 1% to 3%. In addition, Metropolitan Lima's monthly CPI rose 1.01% last month, up 1.59% in the three months to 2024.

It should be noted that the same situation occurred in January with annual inflation at 3.02%. At that time, in light of this, BCRP “At the upper end of the inflation target range”. In fact, it was the first time he had reached the limit in over 30 months.

In February, the situation changed and the resulting 3.29% was explained – in part – by the price of food, especially consumer goods: meat (6.31%).

Adrian Armas, The bank's central manager of economic studies pointed out earlier last month Despite the pick-up in February, inflation will likely continue its downward trend, which is the case.

Inflation is expected to continue its downward trend. It is not ruled out that there may be a small “rebound” in a few months, as we saw in February, but – as I mentioned – the trend is clearly decreasing. “Inflation is forecast to remain within the target range in the coming months, certainly including this month of March.” said during the March Coin Show.

Nationally CBI According to data from INEI, monthly inflation in the country was 0.95% in March, which accumulated a price increase of 1.37% in the first quarter of the year.

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