Arak showcased Flowtron valves with PWM technology

They allow the flow rate of each nozzle to be adjusted and keep the pressure and droplet size constant.

In the Arak community and at the business level, The Flowtron valves It works with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology.

“They are valves made by Arag, which are placed on the anti-drip of the spout holder”Explain Leonardo CaroliBusiness Director of the company.

“They make it possible to adjust each peak to the desired size, and keep the pressure and size of the droplets constant.”He adds.

“There are also special pickups for peaks because PWM technology requires that”indicates Carolee.


“A flowtron is a solenoid valve designed to regulate flow based on the sequence a computer sends”It is needed Carolee.

“If the flow increases, it opens up more; And if it decreases, it closes further. Thus, it automatically adjusts the peak”Collaboration.

The technical innovation lies in the double-ring seal, which allows for reduced core movement, therefore higher flow rate, minimum current consumption and control precision.


Los Flowtron valves They are available in the Argentine market to meet different needs.

“Valves can be sold separately to produce green on brown or green on green with artificial intelligence systems or weed sensors.”He points Carolee.

“Arac sells them with 4 valves and a cable and a nozzle to connect the brand's black box”He adds.

“The black box connects to the tractor screen via ISOBUS and allows the system to manage functions”He points out Carolee.

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Valves' exhibition was held during Expogro 2024 (March 5-8 – San Nicolas, Buenos Aires).

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