As of May 15, Line 4 of the Lima Metro is undergoing work on Av. Faucett’s area will be closed | What is a vehicle replacement program? | Callao | Avenue Gambetta | Canada Avenue. | Peru

A new diversion scheme Callo Due to vehicular traffic control will be implemented Elmer Pipe AvenueFrom Néstor Gambetta avenue to Canada avenue, due to branch works Line 4 of Lima Metro and Callao, connecting with Line 2.

The Concessionaire said it had approved the alternative plan National Provias And this Provincial Municipality of Callao Y PV1B decommissioning of Line 4 branch will allow construction work to commence on the shaftIn the Constitution Province. It will come into effect from Monday, May 15.

Because of this, he asked residents of the area and users of the road to take precautions as access will be temporarily blocked due to the works. Only residents are allowed access.

Omar Revolledo, Transportation Manager Provincial Municipality of CallaoFrom Friday, May 12, field workers will be deployed to guide motorists with the traffic signs posted. Vehicle diversion scheme.

“There will be a shift in traffic to private transport. Approximately MTC has a duration of 3 years and it can be a little more. Public and private drivers are requested to comply with this scheme, especially during peak hours”Notified for my channel.

“Heavy and urban traffic will continue along Av. Gambetta and private traffic will remain on the right side only.” Mentioned.

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  • Los Public, private and local freight vehicles Let them go Avenue by Elmer Fawcett, Av. Nestor Gambetta to Av. Canada, to drive around on secondary roads, Because major roadways will be closed.
  • while, All heavy vehicles That they are going in West-East direction towards Lima They must continue their path Via the avenue Nestor Gambetta to Av. Morales Duarez.
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This is a vehicle replacement project on Fawcett Avenue to serve Line 2 of the Lima and Gallo Metro.

On Line 2 of Metro

Contributor recalled It will connect the districts of Ate, Santa Anita, El Agustino, San Luis, La Victoria, Cercado de Lima, Breña, Bellavista, Carmen de la Legua and Callao in just 45 minutes.

The country’s first underground train will bring in more than one million users per day, benefiting 2.5 million people along the 35 kilometers (Line 2 + Line 4 branch). MetropolisThe Row 1 and other future lines of the metro system.

All stations will have lifts, escalators and fixed stairs for people with reduced mobility and the elderly. In addition, the floors will have a tactile system to facilitate mobility for the visually impaired.

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