Autumn in Peru: When does it start raining in Lima and permanently cloudy skies?

Last Tuesday night, March 19, officially began Fall 2024 In Peru. With the end of summer and the arrival of this new season, according to weather reports, the Temperature in Lima Gradually and the presence will begin to decrease the rain Light to medium intensity, completely overcast skies and strong winds.

Patricio Valderrama, doctor in geosciences and former head of Peru's National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (Senamhi), accurately described the scene he was waiting for Weather in Lima Over the next few weeks, the people of the capital will be alert and expectant.

“At least today, Lima was Lima again. 95% humidity, 21 degrees Celsius and dawned with fog and low clouds. So, on the first day of autumn (March 20) the classic Lima autumn weather is already starting to take shape,” said Valderrama. RPP.

This Tuesday, March 20, several districts of Lima woke up to cloudy skies and clouds. (Carlos Espinoza/Infobay)

He is currently the Minimum temperature in Lima They were 21 degrees, but next week they will drop to 20 degrees Celsius, making the less hot weather in the capital more noticeable to citizens. “And the maximum temperature, depending on the district, will be between 26 and 28 degrees,” he said.

In addition, Valderrama pointed out that the southern Andes such as Cerro de Pasco, Huancayo, Apanque, Arequipa are already experiencing cold dawns. Cuzco Y Abundant. “It's already going to be a pretty cool year, for the fall and the weather WinterAnd most of all very humid,” he commented.

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He proposed to pass the celebration Easter Autumn will start to be noticed more clearly, the temperature drop, cloudy sky and drizzle Light to medium intensity. Rainfall is high during this season.

A group of Lima citizens cross a street in the city center on a rainy autumn day with low temperatures and strong winds. (Andean)

“Everything points to autumn being well established by the first week of April, indeed autumn is not very cold in Lima, but after a fortnight of April we should already have the classic 'donkey-belly' color. In Lima sky; “Permanent overcast, with morning drizzle and high humidity,” he explained.

According to the former president Senamhi, districts next to the sea and if they have a mountain near them it will be worse because they will be colder in autumn. Call as an example Diglio ChicoIn Villa María del Triunfo, people suffer from cold and low temperatures every year.

“Which Yes “Decreases in minimum and maximum temperatures and increase in UV radiation have started to be observed,” he noted.

During autumn in Peru, temperatures generally drop and some light to moderately intense rains are reported in Lima and other parts of the country. (Andean)

In earlier days, Valderrama, in the fall, “The Night temperature “They start to sag significantly and need to take a blanket, turn off the fan, or close the window a little more.”

According to meteorologist Matt Nieto, the reason the minimum and maximum temperatures are still warm is because the heat continues along the entire northern coast of Peru. “Welcome autumn“Instantly” doesn't mean feeling cold,” he said.

“It is important to clarify that there will still be a feeling of warmth at the beginning of autumn. Likewise, autumn will last until June 20, 2024, which is why the temperature in the following months will be very pleasant, fresh and somewhat cold,” he predicted.

In its latest weather warning, Senamhi confirmed Coast of Peru Day and night temperatures are higher than their respective values.

High temperatures and hot feelings reached records this summer, but with the arrival of autumn they will be a thing of the past. (Andean)

“It was predicted Day time temperature Values ​​between 28 °C and 32 °C in Lima and 29 °C and 34 °C in the Lima region. On the northern coast, values ​​between 30 °C and 38 °C are expected; Meanwhile, the Central Coast will record 28 to 33 degrees Celsius. The southern coast will exhibit temperatures ranging from 27 °C to 30 °C along the coast and 28 °C to 33 °C in the coastal valleys,” the agency said.

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He autumn This year will end on June 20, when according to the predictions of some experts, this event will end girl. Contrary to popular belief or caution, experts confirm that it will bring positive things to our country's economy.

For Abraham Levy, the so-called 'Weather Man', the transition between boy And La Nina will eventually occur autumn. This is based on a review of sea surface temperature anomalies.

A Peruvian citizen crosses the path to his home on a busy avenue in the capital in the middle of an autumn rain. (Andean)

Unlike El Niño, the La Niña event It is responsible for “the action of landslides, floods, and streams, where it should rain, but not on the coast, but well in the Cordillera.”

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