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The fact was recorded in Ayacucho this Tuesday. Photo: Composite LR/ Semanario Sur/ Presidency Video: Semanario Sur

Got a strong rejection home Minister, Vicente Romero, in Ayacucho. A group of citizens threw eggs at him when he came to the city to announce the implementation of police stations. Due to this incident, the officer sped away in an official vehicle with adequate security.

Despite efforts custody To control the situation, the demonstrators demonstrated against the government of Dina Boluarte. It should be noted that Romero arrived Ayakucho To launch the campaign “Drop-to-drop credit is a crime” and to launch police stations in the Huanda sector and the districts of Carmen Alto and 28 de Julio.

Minister of Interior in Ayacucho

home Minister, Vincent Romero, oversaw the delivery of technical equipment to three police stations in Ayacucho. In addition, he participated in the integrated patrol presentation in the province of Huamanga and launched the campaign “Dip-drop credit is a crime” throughout the region.

The aforementioned groups will contribute to the enhancement of police work in crime prevention and combat operations in this part of the country. These are groups of 16 computers, 16 biometric fingerprint readers, three closed-circuit television (CCTV) system kits, 12 bodycam single-person cameras, six printers and more.

Credit risk

Jorge Carrillo Acosta, a professor at Pacífico Business School, emphasized that “Drop by Drop” loans are a dangerous way to get quick money, because criminals will not hesitate to commit crimes if they do not make daily deposits.

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