Beauty in the sky: 2024 could deliver the most dazzling northern lights of the past two decades

Although they are more common in the polar and sub-polar regions, these phenomena have been observed at lower latitudes, as happened in Florida, USA, a few years ago.

Northern lights. Photo: Unsplash

One of the most anticipated events in the world is, without a doubt, thought Space events, especially for its ability to captivate and arouse human interest. Among this select group of celestial wonders, The Aurora Borealis to stand out as According to experts, a unique landscape that will reach its maximum expression in 2024.

These luminous events are usually reserved for the Nordic countries Finland, Iceland, Norway Y SwedenAs well as other states in other continents, such as Canada, America (This region Alaska) Y Russia, Due to the intensity of the solar cycle they can extend their radioactive existence to unusual regions.

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NASA logo.  Photo: Reuters.

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How are the Northern Lights made?

Los Aurora Borealis Energized particles from the coronal mass ejection collide Earth's magnetic field And mix Atmospheric gasesThis causes the Northern Hemisphere sky to be painted with an impressive color palette.

However, recently, A solar storm Powerful broke conventional barriers, allowing these lights to dance at lower latitudes than usual. from Virginia Y Arizona Inside EE UU. to the south SpainThe northern lights have amazed observers and scientists alike.

To explain this phenomenon, Don HamptonAssociate Research Professor at Institute of Geophysics from University of Alaska FairbanksHe noted that the Sun is reaching the peak of its solar cycle solar maximum.

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Northern lights.  Photo: UnsplashAuroras occur when charged particles from the Sun collide with gases in Earth's atmosphere. Photo: Unsplash.

In this period, it is expected Increased activity in the auroral zone, so that they end up expanding towards unusual latitudes. “When there is more energy, (the auroral zone) thickens and expands further south,” he explained.

Professionals, excited by this opportunity, do not hesitate to confirm it 2024 I can give The most dazzling northern lights In the last two decades.

Although these events often occur frequently March and October equinoxesResearchers warn of potential dangers such as Cloudy sky oh Light impurityThis makes it difficult to appreciate.

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