‘Best Celebrity Chef’: Guillermo Castaneda makes a statement after exiting reality show

He spoke his truth. After Producer Famous chef Guillermo Castañeda will talk about leavingThe actor himself shared Report She clarified why she decided to step away from the cooking reality show.

In his message, he revealed that Channel 2 had invited him to be a part of the show’s fourth season; However, messages received on social networks referred to the complaint as “bringing back terrible memories”. Daniela Plucker.

“We decided in preparation that it would be best to step aside on this occasion and resume the call at another time,” he wrote. Guillermo Castaneda. For this reason, he prioritized his peace of mind and did not want to cause discomfort to his colleagues.

On the other hand, he revealed complaint The actress who brought him was archived and he no longer wanted to be in the eye of the storm. “I never wanted to publish my acquittal in this case, because I did not consider it appropriate to share the judgment. “I wanted to progress my case step by step and clear my name based on my efforts, but I see that is not enough.”

Finally, Guillermo Castaneda Waiting for him Report He can clear the doubts of those who judge him and those who do not want to get involved in controversies. “I am infinitely grateful for the endless support of those close to me and those who appeared on social networks. I hope that new opportunities will come, and the invitation will remain pending for one more season,” he concluded.

Giancarlo Granda will replace Guillermo Castaneda

Famous chef The new season is just days away and the show is already announcing its new contestants. First, the actor Guillermo Castaneda She is one of the campaigners for the fourth season, along with Tilsa Lozano, Renato Rossini, Jimena Hoyos, Checho Ibarra and Saskia Bernola. However, it was removed in the last promo of the cooking reality show, which aired last Monday, October 2.

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In that sense, Giancarlo ‘The Skinny’ Granda Announced to change Castaneda Starting this Monday, October 9, you will have to prepare dishes for the jury made by Javier Macias, Nellie Rossinelli and Giacomo Bocchio.

During the press conference held today on Tuesday, Giancarlo Granda He was presented as the last contestant. “I feel happy because I imagine I’m going to gain weight. I’ll be the fourth jury, I’ll cook and taste mine and everyone else’s. I’m here to show a new side, to have a good time. I’m not going to shout goals,” he said.

At another time, the sports commentator added: “Football is a language of the world, so is cooking. Let’s try to connect with people, even if it’s difficult. I have two tasks: win and gain weight. .”

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