Biometric Technology to Reach $55,420 Million in 2027 | American newspaper

And many companies are using biometric technology.

Making access more secure and less redundant, biometric technology is here to stay, as more and more companies are betting on their platforms.

NotiPress.- L Biometric Technology Market It will continue to grow over the next few years, until it is reached 55 thousand 420 million dollars in 2027According to Information From Statista. Additionally, spending on the identity verification market is projected to reach 18 million dollars in the same year13 million dollar growth in 10 years.

Biometrics is a A method of identifying people based on their physical or behavioral characteristicsFor example, this technology is used in smart phones. Currently, there is biometrics Allowed to automate and optimize the biometric authentication processAchieving many applications and objectives, especially those related to security.

Miguel ArranagaRegional Sales Director for Hikvsion Mexico, commented Notipress Because biometrics are here to stay It offers many advantages in countless fields and processes. Access control systems play an important role Any important partSo only the right people can enter at the specified time.

According to expert, There are many structures that cater to different budgets and needs, From card reader to fingerprint terminals. As explained, The specialized company has developed the capabilities of access control and security solutions Video can address the trifecta of control applications using multimodal biometrics. When access control, health care, and privacy management combine, it delivers unmatched performance and value to end users.

At the core of this technology is a multimodal biometric reader MinMoe value series d hivision, It responds to current market needs. Its versatile reader offers functionality Access control, video intercom and video security in one device. Multiple authentication methodsFeatures include facial recognition, pin code and a traditional key fob, allowing for a higher level of security.

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Through multimodal biometric devicesUsers can enter the building and register, Visitors can communicate with authorized personnel using the intercom function. An important function is the effective removal of security measures. Unnecessary securityas well as costs Pertains to Credential ManagementGives more added value.

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