Bonus 500 soles and bonus 700 in Peru: beneficiaries, requirements, how to get paid today and latest news | Artisan Fisherman Bonus

Find complete information on the 500 and 700 Cal financial assistance available across the country to eligible citizens.

We share more information about 700 soles fisherman bonus and leasing bonus or bonus 500. Composition: Libero

Grants such as Yanapay or Alimentario Bonus are just some of the most sought-after cash assistance in Peru; However, while waiting for confirmation, some are missing the deposit of bonus 500 soles and bonus 700 already being paid across the country.

We must remember that on July 29, 2023, during his first message to the nation, the President announced that monetary aid will continue to be deposited throughout Peru. So, review everything you need to know Artisan fisherman bonus 700 soles and lease bonus 500 soles.

700 soles bonus

By Emergency Ordinance 038-2023Second distribution S/700 cash grant. This move is aimed at the greater good 47,500 artisans in the country. The administration and disbursement of these funds will be carried out through National Fisheries Development Fund (Fondepes)Reaffirming the government's commitment to support the sector.

Requirements for Collecting S/700 Bonus

  • Be formally committed to artisanal fishing activity, in accordance with the provisions of the General Fisheries Law approved by Supreme Decree 012-2001-PE.
  • To be registered in the Register of Artisan Beneficiaries.
  • Not receiving benefits from other social programs.

The Peruvian government offers an artisanal fisherman bonus of 700 soles.

700 soles bonus on the date of collection

If you meet the requirements established by the Banco de la Nación, you will be able to access this financial grant Until February 28, 2024. Hurry up! Don't run out of money.

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How to collect S/700 bonus?

If you are a beneficiary of the artisanal fisher bonus, you will need to visit the Banco de la Nacion offices to claim the amount. Remember there is no commission or money to practice.

If you want to know if you are one of the beneficiaries, all you have to do is visit the product site or enter this link your DNI number and click on 'Consult'.

Bonus 500 soles

By Ministerial Resolution No. 549-2023-HouseHousing Tenancy Bonus (BAE) of 500 soles has been approved for affected areas nationwide.

This year 2024, thousands of families in Peru will face the consequences of the El Niño event, for which the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Health (MVCS) will pay Housing Lease Bonus (BAE) for 500 soles..

MVCS informed that the amount of financial grant is 500 feet and will be deposited monthly for the benefit of the victims for up to 24 months and they will be able to rent a house in the same area.

On the other hand, in March 2022, the Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban PlanningHernan Navarro said “We have records of municipalities providing information, and 6,300 households have so far qualified for the bonus, which is likely to increase.”.

Requirements to Collect 500 Souls Bonus

As a basic requirement to be a beneficiary Lease bonusA National Information System for Response and Rehabilitation (SINPAT) form should be filled. National Agency for Civil Defense (Indesi).

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On the other hand, the application to get Housing Rental Bonus for Emergencies (BAE) must be submitted, a statement confirming that you do not have another house in the same area and a rental agreement for the house signed by both areas.

It is significant There is no official link for advice, so we recommend that you avoid entering links of suspicious origin. On the other hand, it is important to complete the National Information System for Response and Rehabilitation (SINPAT) form, which can be purchased at the municipal headquarters.

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