Boring Space Travel by Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) deserves all my respect, so I’m going to leave it at that. Sirens of Titan. Vonnegut is Responsible for some of the most effective, satirical and relentless anti-war statements ever written. What I mean is Slaughterhouse Five (A fragmented chronicle of the bombardment of Dresden by the already victorious Allied forces in World War II, which destroyed the city). The book is so satirical and unrelenting that even writing “Indictment” seems like an overabundance of defense.

Sirens of Titan

Kurt Vonnegut

Translation by Miguel Temprano Garcia. Blocky Books. 312 pages. 23 ยค
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Ten years ago Vonnegut published his second novel. Sirens of TitanWhose type expects, completely unfrozen, that Slaughterhouse Five. In both cases, science fiction sources are mixed with historical events, under the guise of providing a critical view of reality.. But if inside Slaughterhouse Time travel was evidence for a specific purpose: subverting ideals of “warrior intensity”, Inside Sirens Science fiction titles dominate the scene, undermining criticism of historical events.

Sirens of Titan It is a very imprecise novel, so that the satire becomes more allegorical in Swift’s style, but without much edge, direct comedy, short humor, open criticism. Vonnegut does not seem to have fully mastered his skills, as he writes, carried away by the mechanisms. Pulp Science fiction.

The plot recreates the structure of the 50s comics The initial scenario (a millionaire lost in space, accompanied by a dog, the ability to see the future and the trouble this causes between family and friends) is given free rein to different episodes with similar characters. This causes Sirens of Titan has a less complex structure than a typical novel, It’s very episodic, reflective of the story Flash Garden oh Masked man was one of Vonnegut’s aims from the beginning.

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My main criticism is that all the adventures are written in the same tone, with the same short and dry phrasing, oblivious to their burdens.; The same jibes against the elites, rulers and religions are repeated over and over again, which I agree with, so nothing is being learned here. The lack of formal risk and the bravado of satire make reading this book like hours of sea eating. A boring meal. But if you’re a Vonnegut devotee, don’t miss out.

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