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A strange phenomenon has caught the attention of social networks in Japan, when a man revealed on Twitter that he used an unusual method to find companies for his games.Yu-Gi-Oh!“. The man, who remains anonymous, admitted to hiring the services of a “surrogate girlfriend” to play with him, creating a viral phenomenon on the platform.

According to his posts, the enthusiastic “Yu-ki-oh!” He revealed that his desire to enjoy sports was so strong that he decided to pay for the services of a girl to act as his sports partner. Surprisingly, it was not one session, but several, that the subject demanded of the same woman. After several sessions, the story took an unexpected turn when the “bride-for-hire” appeared with her own deck of cards, revealing a genuine interest in the game.

This curious episode highlights the existence of “bride-for-hire” services in Japan, where single men can hire women as their girlfriends for a limited period of time. Please note that due to current laws in Japan, these services do not involve sexual contact. The main idea is to provide company and simulate the experience of a partner.

“Yu-ki-oh!” The story initially made waves for the unusual reason of hiring a “girlfriend” to play.The fact that the young woman eventually shared her passion for the game has generated surprise and a certain amount of sympathy among social media users:

  • «Based on the hit manga, “I Can't Believe My Fiancee Turned Out to Be the Wrong Girl I Played with Yu-Gi-Oh!”».
  • «The happy ending of “Kanojo, Ogarishimazu” where they become friends».
  • «A parallel world to “Kanojo, Ogarishimazu” where the protagonist is not a perfect fool.».
  • «Indeed, it is a touching story».
  • «That hand that touched you is shit, but I'm happy for you bro».
  • «That's how I met your mother, my friends.».
  • «A touching moment in the life of a prostitute».
  • «This guy wanted to play 2016 Blue Ice old school, but she came up with a more advanced deck. I wonder if he regrets his decision even a little bit, especially with that bad hand, maybe not.».
  • «I have a good vision of a future where the two become friends and play Yu-Gi-Oh! He doesn't need to pay you».
  • «Well, this is very interesting. A relationship with a surrogate girl can change anything, but I hope you stay friends».
  • «In fact, the Twitter user uses the word “デリヘル” which means she is a prostitute and not a surrogate bride. I think it's 15,000 yen (about $100) an hour, so it's more than just a rental girlfriend.».
  • «Now I feel like I'm hiring too many prostitutes to play Dungeons & Dragons, but I don't want to end up embracing women.».
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Source: Reddit: Japanese people on Twitter

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