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Diego Repagliatti, a board member of the ‘Al Angulo’ team, sent a very direct message to the Peruvian national team coach Salahco on how he is dealing with the injury problem at his club.

returning Brian Raina want Team Peru It was not an easy process Juan Reynoso, He had to put his smile aside to show his most serious gesture with the player Lima Alliance To whom he made the request, the player could not refuse.

To the trainer ‘Blanquiroja’ One of the requisites for his chosen teams to remain in permanent competition is to not drop out of the list, and it was this situation that helped the winger get the message from the national strategist.

They texted Brian Reyna and said he would be on the list on Monday, but if you went to Videna on Wednesday and were on a stretcher for a day, you wouldn’t be on the list the following Monday. In other words, you train together or you leave. That’s why Jamir D’Arrigo and Franco Janelato are in that positionThe former footballer revealed.

Zambrano at work in La Videna

What was the injury Brian Reyna complained about at Alianza Lima?

It is significant Brian Raina He suffered a muscle tear in his right leg, which sidelined him from the field for several days in the team. Mauricio LauriaraA situation that opened up space for appearance Franco JanelatoA situation that can be repeated in i saw.

Magically, the result Lima Alliance The topic of San Luis hasn’t been touched on all week, and it’s clear that the news is coordinated with the intention of not leaving the final roster for the fights against Chile and Argentina. Franco Janelato oh Santiago Ormeno Possible news on Monday’s wages.

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