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“There was Being told I couldn’t have children because motherhood was my dream was a very hard blow. With Richard we went to many friendly doctors to help us, but none of them gave us good news, until we reached Dr. Norica, whom I adore, to whom I owe my happiness. He was very patient with me because the process was long, it took me a year to get pregnant. It was crazy when I saw two lines in the home test”, he commented.

Brunella’s pregnancy was not easy. A month and a half into pregnancy, a threatened abortion rocked her life again.

I was covering the premiere of ‘Lus de Luna’ at Pachacamac when I felt something happening. I went to the bathroom and there was a lot of blood. I feared the worst and thought I had lost my baby. So, I called Richard, and then Dr. I also contacted the show’s producer, Armando, who didn’t know I was pregnant until then. I stayed away from television for four months. I focused on saving my son. I am fully retired and I have gone through very hard times, but it has been worth it. The day my baby came into this world was the happiest day of my life.“, account.

Brunella is part of the Horna family "America Today", the leading rating program in its time slot produced by Armando Tafur.  (Photo: Instagram Brunella Horna /@brunehorna)

Brunella Horna is part of the presenters of “America Hoy”, the leading rating program in its time slot produced by Armando Tafur. (Photo: Instagram Brunella Horna /@brunehorna)

Alessio Acuna Horna was born on November 24, 2023. From that moment on, motherhood with all its joys and challenges became the focus of the model’s life.

As a new mother, I sometimes have doubts and fears. It is constant learning. My child is my greatest teacher and we learn together. Waking up every two hours doesn’t let me sleep [ríe]. Ever since he came into my life, my days are pure joy. He was kind, he hugged me, he held my face, he already said ‘ma’. That was my earliest Mother’s Day gift.“, he admits.

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At this point in Brunella’s life, Richard became an unconditional supporter. “We are a great team. I don’t know what I would have done without him. He understands me and He helps me. He is a great father and a wonderful husband to all his children. He wants Alessio to be a footballer, I want him to be a lawyer. In the end he will be whatever he wants to be and we will always be by his side to support him.“, highlights.

Love as Court

The celebrity couple’s love story began in May 2017, when the former politician took the first step by contacting the beautiful model via WhatsApp. “Hey, skinny girl, stop ranting. You will never get anywhere like this,” was his first message to her.

After a month of repeated friendly virtual conversations, they agreed to go out for dinner together. Brunella was accompanied by Ivana Uterbe and two cousins, Richard. It marked the beginning of a series of meetings that ended at the altar that evening.

“I was on the live Rodrigo and Gigi show when I got Richard’s first message. So far I have never had contact with him and I don’t know him. Everyone knows what happened next. We both had the wedding we always dreamed of. There were 600 guests, including politicians, businessmen and friends from Chiclayo and Trujillo. Friends from TV, close: Gisela, Karen, Maju and Valeria Piazza”, recalls the America TV personality.

He also highlights that their relationship is based on trust and mutual respect. Although they share their plans and projects, each has the autonomy to make their own decisions, including working. This was evident in the case of the signing of striker Paolo Guerrero to the Cesar Vallejo club.

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We were buying my grandfather’s gift at a sportswear store and met Paolo and his mother Mrs. Peta at the checkout. We congratulated each other and everything was fine. Later, in the car, Richard says to me: ‘What if I take him to the club?’ I replied: ‘How do you bring him in, he must be playing outside.’ But there’s nothing Richard can’t do, so he gets her number. It’s crazy, you have no idea how much press has gotten to my house. He approached me when I was out and I felt like Kim Kardashian [ríe]“, the businessman admits, then announces that in the middle of the year, her husband and president of the Trujillo club will shake up the Peruvian game again with a new hire.

“This is a very famous person who plays outside. I hope the gatherings are no longer at my house [ríe]. In the end, the important thing is for Vallejo to win,” he insists, refraining from revealing the footballer’s name and the position he plays.


In this photo shoot, Brunella wears a dress by @cinthiavigilaltacostura / @cinthiavigilvestidos.

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