Brunella Torpoco cries, leaves Willax project after humiliation: “They made fun of me” | Let’s talk about beauty Showbiz | programs

Brunella Torbogo She had an awkward moment this week when she was invited to the Vilox show ‘Let’s Talk About Beauty’ and was asked a question that stunned her.

Read and then answer the question about preparing a space for a salsa singer to entertain. “Like Lucia de la Cruz, what makes you think that some artists have come to tell you that you don’t make music?” The singer studied.

At the time, visibly uncomfortable, Brunella Torbogo promised to respect all opinions, good and bad, but after a few seconds she became angry with the production.

“I don’t want to talk about it because it creates controversy, you don’t ask me that question, I’m not involved in those issues… No, I say the product has nothing to do with the question, you can ask me what you want, but I ask me that question. don’t want” he said before leaving the set.

Brunella Tarbogo burst into tears

Also, through her Instagram account, the salsa singer assured that they made her feel so bad that she shed some tears. “Yesterday was one of those days when the enemy wanted to mock me. He put Bad people even make fun of me and cry. But God strengthened me, so I got up and left the place. He mentioned in his stories.

For its part, ‘Let’s talk about beauty’ took to her social networks to accuse Brunella Torbogo of insulting them by leaving their set.

BRunella Torpoco supports the state of emergency

Brunella Torbogo Supported the state of emergency declared in San Juan de Luricancho and San Martin de Porres.

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“All of us in the entertainment industry are going to suffer, but if there is no emergency, Peru will not progress, if this is for the best, we will do what we can. We will accept it properly,” he said.said.

He also informed that some programs have been canceled in both the districts.

“We have canceled the shows, but we remain calm and promise the police will do their job” He commented.

Also, he recalled that he had been extorted in the past.

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