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New job opportunities in the state. This week, the Authorized person He shared 10 job calls with various specialized professionals and positions in different regions at national level. If you are looking for ‘samba’ options and have high salary expectations, feel free to review these job openings. jobs next.

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By Inside Authorized person Will work in Lima, Arequipa and Madre de Dios. Job positions in the said company offer salaries ranging from 1,950 feet to 9,000 feet. Next, review all the requirements for these positions.

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What job calls does the Department of Justice offer and what are the requirements?

  • Technical Secretary for Disciplinary Administrative Procedures (PAD): There is a vacancy to work in Madre de Dios and interested candidates must have a professional title of Licensed and Licensed Lawyer. Salary for this post is S/ 5,100.
Learn about positions offered by the Department of Justice in Madre de Dios. Photo: Department of Justice
  • Legal expert: Vacancies opened to work in both Madre de Dios and Arequipa. Applicants must have a professional degree in law. These jobs have an average salary of 2,972.00 soles and up to 3,850 soles.
  • driver: The Department of Justice adds status to drivers with category A – II B driving licenses and valid drivers. The plaza offers 1,950 soles and is clearly located in Madre de Dios.
  • Expert in electrical installations: Department of Judiciary announced a vacancy to work in Lima and requirements include professional degree in Electrical Engineering or Electrical Mechanical Engineering. The salary for this post is 8,000 feet.
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Judicial employees have announced a 48-hour national strike.
  • Specialist in health facilities: This call is for a post in Lima and is for professionals with a degree in the field of Sanitary Engineer. The position has a salary of 8,000 feet.
  • Communication Analyst: The job call is for a position in Lima and is aimed at Communication Science or related professionals. The salary for this post is 6,500 feet.
  • Computer Assistant: Judicial Power has offered a post in Lima for this post, candidates with technical professional degree (3 years career) in Computing and Informatics or university studies can apply. The salary is fixed at 2,772 feet.
  • Architect Level II: Only graduates in the field of architecture are invited and interested in placement in Lima. Salary is 8,000 Ft per month.
  • Task Coordinator: This position requires working in Lima and professionals in the field of civil engineering and/or architecture are welcome to apply. Salary is 9,000 Ft per month.
  • Legal Assistant: If you wish to apply for this position, you must have a professional degree in law and be willing to work in Arequipa. Square pays 3,040 soles.

What is a job call?

Job advertisement is a process by which a company or organization addresses a specific group of people to find the right profile to cover job vacancies. The process can be conducted online or face-to-face and includes not only interviews, but also tests and a review of the applicant’s history.

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