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In addition, the Peruvian government is negotiating a similar agreement – ​​to be finalized this year – with the United Arab Emirates and the European Union for a horizontal agreement. What practical effects do these agreements produce?

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explained Management With agreements with Finland and Korea, the opportunity opens up for airlines Finnair or Korean Airlines count with a legal framework to guarantee their activitiesThat way they can come to work.

It seeks to promote tourist arrivals from Southeast Asia.

Korean Airlines is one of the ten largest airlines in the world. It already carries cargo, particularly asparagus from Lima to the US. With an airline contract you can bring in passengers or carry more cargo and operate permanently. That’s the idea: increase air connectivity so that Peru becomes the connectivity hub of Latin America. Argument

This would correspond to foreign airlines conducting market research to determine their presence in Peru. Regarding further contracts with United Arab Statesfrom It is mentioned that it is already ready. “The date for its subscription is being discussed, which will be this year”.

By signing this agreement, Jorge Chavez International Airport will position itself as an opportunity Emirates Operations will begin soon. The airline agreement with the UAE has been finalized after years of multi-sectoral negotiations. This is a sign of hope given to Peru”. shrunk

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It should be noted that Aeronautical rights have already been granted in the Air Services Agreement. The EU is about to sign a horizontal agreement on air services, which is practically an update.

At the same time, work is being done to expand the air connectivity agreements signed several years ago, namely with Argentina, where there are very few frequencies. The aeronautical authorities of the two countries have to negotiate the extension of frequencies and amend the already signed agreement. Another agreement to be confirmed is with Türkiye”, pointed out

For his part, he That is explained by these agreements Airlines of these countries have a legal framework in place to operate through code sharingIt is a commercial agreement between two airlines whereby one can fly the other’s flights using its own code to offer passengers more destination options.

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