Can he leave Sporting Crystal?

Despite his current deal with Sporting Crystal, the world's top scorer has received juicy offers so far in 2024. Will Martin Caderuccio leave La Florida?

Martin Caderuccio has scored 17 goals with Sporting Cristal. | Photo: Sporting Crystal.

Martín Cauteruccio has had the best start to his football career in goalscoring season. Uruguayan striker Game CrystalHaving scored another hat-trick against the Always Ready, the world's top scorer so far in 2024 is now aiming to make history in Ligue 1.

The Uruguayan has scored 17 goals in six games this year. Luuk De Jong of PSV (12 goals), Victor Giocheres Game Lisbon and Kylian Mbappe From PSG (11 goals). His importance will continue to expand in the coming games and he could achieve the world record of pure performance.

“I always have a positive attitude, I want to go further, this is a good start and I hope it will end well. The intention is to continue in this way and I am happy to be at Sporting Cristal”'Gout' he said.

In this context, LÍBERO was able to learn it in the last hours. Martin Caderuccio He received some offers from the Middle East to continue his career, but his desire was to continue Game Crystal And pay the fan's love. The Uruguayan has a contract until 2024 and the club will make a formal offer to extend his deal.

Martin Couteruccio scored 17 goals with Sporting Cristal.

At 36 years old (he turns 37 in April) he has been effective in Peruvian football and it is clear that they will try to secure his goals from Florida for at least another year. The option will be translated with numbers in the coming days to indicate its renewal and not to miss its performance.

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How much is Martín Cauteruccio worth?

According to the Transfermark portal, Martin Caderuccio has a value of 175 thousand euros in the transfer market. His highest price was four million in 2014 season.

When is the next Sporting Cristal match?

Celestial will focus solely on Ligue 1 starting this Saturday, March 2 Atletico Grau For the sixth date of the 2024 Apertura tournament, the tournament will be held at the Alberto Gallardo stadium and will have L1 MAX coverage.

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