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The The city of Puno vibrates with the 2024 Candelaria Festival, is one of Peru's most iconic cultural and religious expressions, attracting thousands of believers and tourists every year. With a program full of color and heritage, this year's edition exceeds all expectations and highlights cultural heritage. Increases Andean worldview and Catholic faith Through the Lantern Dressing Competition and Salute Parade.

Candelaria Festival Live: Costume of Lights Contest

Candelaria Festival Live, Today February 11th

Candelaria 2024: The Last Presentation of the Light Contest

This will be the last presentation of the competition in the costume of lights to entertain the spectators at the Puno Stadium.

Various dance troupes continued to parade through the city streets.

Video: Viv Candelaria

Chicory in a candle

Siguris dances and musicians are among the most moving performances at the Candelaria Festival.

Video: Viv Candelaria

Candelaria dancers pay tribute to those who died in the protest

Within the framework of the LVIII Costume Lighting Competition held in honor of the Virgen de la Candelaria festival, the groups took the opportunity to express their memory for those who lost their lives at the hands of the armed forces amid the protests. President of Boluarte Dine Republic.

Candelaria 2024: Dark-skinned people dancing in celebration

Another role is dark in the dances given in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria.

Photo: Cynthia Alvarez

Candelaria 2024: Dancers dressed as monkeys

The different dances presented in the Candelaria Costume of Lights contest feature monkeys as characters.

Photo: TVPerú

The Gullavada dance in Puno amazes the audience

In the capital of the Peruvian highlands, Kullawada dancers shine with their parade.

Video: Radio Lambda La Poderosa

With more than 130 groups confirmed to participate in the main events, the festival is shaping up to be an unprecedented spectacle. Organizers estimate nearly 200,000 people will attend, including dancers and musicians.It brings to life one of the most vibrant expressions of syncretism in the Peruvian highlands.

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Festival of Candelaria: Line up to present costumes for the pageant of lights

He 58 Dance competition in costumes of lights This is the heart of the festival: 85 groups of dancers will demonstrate their mastery and devotion. Each collection is assigned a presentation sequence that guarantees a continuous and varied exhibition, the catalog includes Great Morenata Salcedo, Morenata Juliaca Mia, Centennial Siguris of Manaso in the neighborhood, Centralist Corporals, Devil Bellavista, Devil Portino, Morenata Bellavista, Morenata Orcapada, among others.

Candelaria Festival: Order to present a parade in the costume of lanterns

The The Parade of Lights is scheduled for February 12 and 13. This is another one of the special functions. During these two days, the streets of Puno become living scenes in which faith and joy are intertwined in a parade that pays tribute to the Virgin of the Virgin.

Candelaria Festival: What is the schedule of activities?

The Candelaria Festival offers an extensive program of activities; Among them, a costume contest of lights is scheduled on February 11. The event brings together the best folk groups to compete for recognition for best presentation; In addition, skill, color and fidelity to tradition are carefully evaluated.

Like previous years, this year 2024 Regional Federation of Folklore and Culture of Puno He is in charge of organizing important activities in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria. Below are the events that national and foreign visitors can still enjoy:

  • February 7 to 9: Candelaria 2024 Gastronomic Festival, in Mariadegui Park and Aguas Park, from 8:00 a.m.
  • February 9: Octave Mass of Our Lady of Candelaria at San Juan Bautista Parish from 10:00 am
  • February 11: Mestizo Dance Competition (light costumes) at UNA Puno Stadium from 7:00 am
  • February 12: First Day of Parade and Worship, Light Dress Dances, 8.00 am onwards
  • February 13: Second Day of Parade and Worship, Light Dress Dances, from 8.00 am

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