Canzac: Piura: Dozens of people stranded in Flor de Cafe city center after Huayco in Huancapamba

Duberly Caballero Rivera contacted RPP News Rotaphone Dozens of people are stranded on a mountain in the Corales sector to call for support Flor de Cafe city centerfrom Kansak district of the province HuancabambaPiura region.

The man indicated that he was traveling in a van with several children and pregnant mothers, and the vehicle got stuck due to heavy rains and landslides since the night of last Thursday, February 29. Due to this, many cities in the area have been affected and many families have been affected.

The citizen said people were in despair as the car was stuck on the ground. And the entire area is full of mud, covering the existing road. Local workers help clear it with shovels, but they can't cope; Hence, seeking support from concerned authorities.

Duberly Caballero added that there were many vehicles in the same situation and people chose to get out and walk, but they could not do so. So far, no authorities have come and they need immediate help heavy rain May continue to trigger further landslides.

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