Caputo Takes It All: Infrastructure Crosses the Orbit of Economics | After Ferraro's expulsion

The National Government confirmed this Friday what had already emerged yesterday: President Javier Mille demanded the resignation of Infrastructure Minister Guillermo Ferraro and ordered the portfolio to be turned into a secretariat.. The region will be under the orbit of Economy Minister Luis Caputo.

Ferraro quit after he was accused of leaking a violent phrase from Miley during a cabinet meeting. ““I'm going to leave them without a penny, I'm going to melt them all down,” the president said, according to multiple media outlets, pointing to governors who support the omnibus legislation.

Now the former Minister of Infrastructure came from Team AmericaGroup Eduardo UrnekianLike Miley and the Chiefs, Nicholas Bosse.

Kabuto gathers power

As it turned out, The Ministry of Infrastructure will divide its areas into secretariats under the orbit of the Ministry of Economy.

This way, Luis Toto Caputo will add public works and transportation to his area: he will have new key points to extort the provinces in the face of the vote on the omnibus law.After saying that he had already “begun outlining all the provincial items that would be cut immediately if any of the economic articles were rejected.”

In parallel, the head of the Treasury Palace has already warned that he will stay “a few months” due to family priorities and name. He was replaced by Federico Sternsnaker.

Although the government confirmed Ferraro's departure, there is still no formal information on his ouster from the national cabinet. Expectations centered on Manuel Attorney's word, but the president's spokesman postponed his daily press conference.. At the same time as he usually addresses the press, Miley led the event for International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Holocaust. The President did not mention this issue there.

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Confirmation of Mondino

Foreign Minister Diana Mondino was among the officials who accompanied Miley to the ceremony at the Holocaust Museum and noted Ferraro's departure. To date, only one member of the government has spoken about it and confirmed that the vacant portfolio will be absorbed by the economy. he said Caputo has “more responsibility, not more power.”

Mondino has sought to deny internal problems running through the national administration and has also ruled out Ferraro's departure following the leak of Miley's revelations at the last cabinet meeting. The minister tried to justify his departure two months before the start of the administration by saying it was a “cost-cutting matter”. And to support this interesting explanation he added: “We need coordination and the popular phrase 'no money' should be very clear in all cases. “All activities must be coordinated from an economic point of view.”

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