Carla Tarazona reveals what happened to her three wedding dresses after her divorce with Leonard Leon, Christian Dominguez and Rafael Fernandez | Video | Coffee with Chevez | Showbiz Stories | programs

In an interview with Trome's 'Café con la Chevez', Karla Tarazona was asked what happened to her three wedding dresses, as the host was married to Leonard Leon, Christian Dominguez (code wedding) and Rafael Fernandez.

Even if you fall in love and get married, Carla Tarazona hasn't had a good ending to any of her three marriages, as she and her first husband, Leonard Leon, have been locked in a legal battle over their children's support.

When Christian Dominguez was unfaithful with his dancer Isabel Acevedo, their relationship ended amid a scandal.

Finally, her breakup with Rafael Fernandez caused a sensation, as the businessman revealed that he had stopped loving the host since they had not even been together for two years.

Carla Tarazona confirms marriage to Rafael Fernandez. (Photo: @latarazona)

Carla Tarazona reveals what happened with her 3 wedding dresses

Now, Carla Tarazona has revealed that the only dress she has from her wedding to Rafael Fernandez, but she doesn't know where it is.

“The first costume ended up in the clothing section of the Recarcados de Risa, Second, I auctioned it off and I gave it to Kegash. A third loan was taken, I paid it back and it was rented out. I had a civilian one made by Cynthia Vigil that my mom has at home because it doesn't fit me. I don't know who has it, he said.

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