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Stop it all! A new video is going viral on social media. In this case, Cathy Sáenz, the heroine of the story, He was surprised by her response after asking if she was close to him Ricardo Mendoza from “Talking Balls”.

Fan asks Ricardo Mendoza if he had a close encounter with Cathy Chance, to which he replies

Of course, the comedian met the producer and asked his followers to ask questions. In this sense, during the dynamics, one of the netizens suggested something that no one imagined.

Ricardo Mendoza and Cathy Chance captured their “little things.”

When Ricardo Mendoza told Cathy Chance what they heard, she had no problem denying it. However, he said that they have something, but his male reproductive organ does not see him.

No, but we’ve caught our little things. I haven’t seen his *** yetBecause he says it’s an impressive thing, but I don’t believe him,” the producer said.

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Ricardo Mendoza “Sotia” from Venezuela confirmed that she is with him: “For now, single”

Wonderful comedy. Rosalia Franco She happily announced a few weeks ago that she is in a relationship with Ricardo Mendoza, a member of “Hablando Huatas”. However, he denied Venezuela.

“Open or closed relationship?”The user asked the popular ‘Richao’ and he replied: “For now, single.” This is how one of the creators of ‘Hablando Huavatas’ dismissed Rosalia Franco’s statement.

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