Cervantes School Unveils Mural Honoring Spanish Astronaut Sara Garcia –

Cervantes School unveils mural in tribute to Spanish astronaut Sara GarciaJune 19, 2023:

Science and Innovation Minister Diana Morant today participated in the presentation of a mural by initiatives such as ‘Dones de Ciencia’ in tribute to Spanish astronaut Sarah Garcia at CEIP Cervantes de Gandia. News that women can become astronauts, scientists or whatever.

Morant is accompanied by the Mayor of Candia, José Manuel Prieto; Mayor of Gandia, Jose Manuel Brito; Director of CEIP Cervantes, Marcos Grau; Rector of UPV, Jose E. Capilla Roma; and ESA astronaut, Sarah Garcia, as well as teachers, students and representatives from the municipal corporation.

Morant highlighted the importance of having references in our country, such as National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) researcher Sarah Garcia, who was selected out of nearly 23,000 as a reserve astronaut in the ESA European Space Force (European Space Agency). ), becoming the first Spanish woman to achieve it.

The minister has transformed the Spanish government’s commitment to science and innovation so that more girls and boys, like astronauts Sara García and Pablo Alvarez, and more young people can see the future. “Spain is already a great country for science,” he said.

For its part, the first municipal authority has appreciated the work developed from the Gandhian Education Centre. “You are an epitome of an educational center. You chose the example of Sara, the Spanish astronaut who, if nothing happens, will be in space in a few years, and each of you, of course, carries a little piece of Candia of this school. Society for its work education and assessment of students “should have the people we love as our references. We must work toward the future so that people like Sarah can carry a piece of Candia and a piece of the Cervantes school into space.”

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During the event, an exhibition was presented with all the drawings about Sara Garcia drawn by the students of the center.

Project “Women in Science”

Designed by Mexican artist Yuda, the mural is part of the ‘Dones de Ciencia’ project, an initiative of the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) and the Valencia City Council’s Las Naves Innovation Center. Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).

In total, 33 murals have been created to date within the ‘Dones de Ciència’ structure, which last year received the prize for the best singular project of Prismas Casa de las Cièncias for 2022, the most important in the country. in the field of communication and science dissemination.

The event also had the participation of a Spanish astronaut; Mayor of Gandia, Jose Manuel Brito; Rector of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Jose E. Capella; Director of Los Naves, Marta Cillerón; and students and faculty of the center.

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