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Former teachers unveiled a statue of the Acting Leader for Progress, but it has since been removed. Photo: LR Composite/ César Acuña / UCV

César Acuña responded to the statue unveiled a week ago at the headquarters of César Vallejo University. Trujillo, independence. In this regard, the politician explained before the local media this Friday, saying that the sculpture by former teachers of this university is a recognition of his legacy. Despite the criticism on social networks, the president of Alianza para el Progreso noted that he is a successful person and that it is impossible for any Peruvian to create three universities such as UCV, Universidad Señor de Sipán and Universidad Autónoma del Perú.

Also, Acuna emphasized that recognitions should be given during life. “I think it is impossible for a Peruvian to appear and create three universities, and now in three universities I train more than 200,000 young people.. I founded the Señor de Sipán University, I founded the Autonomous University, I created a political party. I believe that my career has served as an inspiration to those who know me to value my work in life. I believe that I am a successful person, not in vain, I believe that I have done a lot for this country. The best legacy I leave to Peru is the universities,” he alleged.

Will Caesar Aguna’s statue be reinstated?

Regarding the alleged removal of the statue, Cesar Aguna responded by saying that those who requested it removed it to make some color changes and return it to the place where it was unveiled. “It’s a recognition that can’t be hidden. I think they’re enhancing it.”He told local media.

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He also mentioned that people should not be stingy with success. “In the future, another Peruvian who comes from a simple family will not see three universities, he will make five, and I believe that one day he will be respected, someday he will be recognized in his lifetime,” said the current governor. of La Libertad.

This is what the statue of César Acuña looked like on the UCV campus. Photo: Informed Per

Regarding the vacancy request filed by a citizen before the JNE, Acuña explained that he was “calm.” He says the request does not meet the five grounds necessary for his removal from office.

What did the author of ‘Silver as a Court’ reveal about the statue?

Journalist Christopher Acosta shared an excerpt from his book.Silver as court‘ and the controversy related to the statue. Apparently, the leader of the Alliance for Progress would have already been interested in placing a sculpture from this time after visiting Harvard University. Acuna realized that the image of founder John Harvard was on said campus, and he would have tried to replicate this at UCV.

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