César Pérez Callao was sworn in as mayor of the city, despite the Public Ministry finding 360,000 soles in his home.

The Deputy Mayor Provincial Municipality of Callao and right hand of the Burgomaster Pedro Spataro, Cesar PerezEdil is in charge of the commune until Wednesday, August 16, according to a council agreement published this Sunday in the Official Gazette. A Peruvian.

The departure comes nearly a month after the Office of the Special Prosecutor Against Organized Crime found 360,000 soles at one of its properties. As part of an undercover investigation. Three more houses were raided simultaneously.

According to a statement released by the Public Ministry at the time, the prosecution team “could not prove the origin of the money,” so “it was seized to pursue the respective proceedings in accordance with the law.”

SpataroInvestigated in 2019 for allegedly proselytizing and advocating Perez, He had requested a license to travel to Arequipa, a region celebrating its anniversary starting this Sunday, so that he could stay with former congressional candidate Alliance for Progress (APP) until his return. First port.

The Commune of Gallo He had already recused himself from the investigation described by the prosecutor’s office, saying the process had “nothing to do with the deputy mayor’s work as a municipal councilor.”

“As this is a third-party inquiry and it is a private matter, he should respond to a reserved inquiry initiated by the Public Ministry,” he said in a statement posted on his social media.

PerezThe same function was performed in the municipality of Ventanilla – he also approved Spataro– He replied that the address where the money was found was rented out and he disclosed his income to the Public Ministry.

“That money was the result of an advance from the sale of a property eight years ago., before practicing any important position in Gallo. It is the product of an obvious sale […]”, he noted before hailing the mayor’s request for the regulator to intervene Nelson Sheikh.

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It is a new challenge for the authorities of the first port, whose regional governor, Ciro Castillo, has been accused of bad collusion and influence.

Castillo, strictly speaking, was accused of improperly benefiting a former official Elvira Madalengoidea, with whom he is romantically linked, despite his insistence otherwise. In principle, Madeleine She entered the Office of Image and Protocol, but after maintaining a relationship with the governor, she was appointed an administrative assistant in his office.

Last March, the two shared a kiss during a meeting at a beauty salon recorded by security cameras, which doubled the former officer’s earnings.

The regional governor of Gallao is already facing a complaint for corruption charges. | Andean

After the report, Madeleine Deposed and kept out of public view until this week ATV News In the district, he captured her as she left her home Carmen de la LeguaRegistered in the name of the Regional Government of Gallao to acquire the unit bearing license plate EGC-299.

The former secretary was photographed days later in the same truck when he went shopping or went to various places unrelated to company activity. Also last Sunday, Panorama Aired an audio of allegedly accepting a bribe of 150,000 soles meant for the governor.

The governor, linked to the Más Callao regional movement, took office last January with 70% of the vote, the highest approval rate in the history of electoral processes, according to the Office of National Electoral Processes (ONPE). .)

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