China clones a cat for the first time using national materials and equipment

Chinese scientists They already had cloned A cat in 2019, but using foreign technology. This is the first time they have achieved this using only national equipment, reagents and consumables.

A group Chinese scientists First announced Cloning of a cub Cato Using only Chinese equipment, reactors and consumables.

He KittenBorn by natural birth on Sunday Ciudad de Qingdao (It) weighs 141 grams after 69 days of surrogacy, the official gazette reported this Monday. Global Times.

The birth took place at a mammalian somatic cell cloning site jointly established by Qingdao Agricultural University and a private company.

“The birth of this cloned cat shows that China has a complete industrial chain in the field of animal cloning,” he said. Global Times Zhao MinguiAssociate Professor of the University participating in the project.

In earlier animal cloning processes, the first cat was cloned China, GarlicBorn in 2019, most of the reagents and equipment were purchased from foreign companies, but technical constraints led the team to seek solutions within the Asian giant.

“The successful cloning of cats is a breakthrough in the field of somatic cell cloning (…) The cloning of cats requires high requirements for equipment, parts and consumables, and the operation is very delicate,” says Zhao.

Zhao’s research into cloning technology began in 2020 when he discovered “frequent instability” in the performance of imported drugs in the pig cell cloning industry, which led to “numerous experimental problems.”

Approach to Marketing

In ChinaMore and more pet owners who cannot bear the pain of losing their pets are willing to pay a lot of money. Keep themCreating a business opportunity Cloning of animals.

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“The new milestone is expected to greatly reduce the cost of animal cloning and further contribute to the commercialization of the industry,” Zhao noted.

Company Cynogene BiotechnologyIt’s part of a project that has already successfully cloned dogs for dozens of clients, including owners unable to cope with the loss of their pets.

Market price of a cat cloned According to media reports, about 250,000 yuan ($35,000), a cloned dog is about 380,000 yuan ($53,200).

China Previously made announcements about advances in technology CloningA department that registered milestones like birth last year The first cloned specimen of a wild arctic wolf, or two genetically identical primates using the same technique used with the famous Dolly goats in 2018. (EFE)

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