China is building a military command to operate in space and is equipped with supersonic weapons

The Asian country seems to have found a place where it can defend a strategic war position in space.

Recreation of Chinese Missiles at the Frontier of Space.

Approaching the border in spaceThere are thousands of satellites orbiting the earth. Space agencies like NASA or ESA, as well as private companies, have their own satellites orbiting the planet, however region Not claimed yet, but whatever China is watching with great interest.

China wants to occupy nearby space for military purposes

According to the published information medio South China Morning PostHe Asian country Finalize details to promote a build Fifth Corps And it is located in a specific area Atmosphere land

We know that Satellites orbit from an altitude of 100 kmIt can be defined as the boundary of space Airplanes In rare cases they violate 12 kilometers in height. There is between two actions Where is it located? region of that atmosphere China It aims to establish as its basis Fifth Corps.

Adding this privileged location China has done A major advance in supersonic weapons, capable of moving five times faster than the speed of sound, we can fear the Asian giant. These hypersonic missiles are capable of striking Unpredictable maneuvers Also, if launched from this region of near space, they can destroy any country’s air defenses.

The information gathered by the Chinese media, which has not yet been verified, is nothing short of flattering, considering that it is being talked about. Near Space Army can A ‘precise, crushing and merciless’ attack Any country he sets his sights on, it goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

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The documents also indicate that there may be hypersonic weapons attack from Launch sites To prevent rockets from putting anti-missile satellites into orbit, up to Civil infrastructure, SpaceX facilities etc. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army appears to be preparing to protect this Fifth Army’s infrastructure in case a conflict attempts to destroy them.

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