Chinese invention that saves scientists from going into space

The Asian giant has delivered a “terrestrial space station” capable of reproducing the environmental factors of space.

China opened its doors for the first time on Wednesday “Earth Space Station”, a simulation and research infrastructure of the space environment, capable of reproducing the environmental factors of space. The facility is located in the northeastern city of Harbin and was jointly built by the company Harbin Technology and China Aerospace Science and Technology CorporationLocal newspaper Global Times reported in the last few hours.

The complex consists of four experimental buildings dedicated to detailed space environment simulation, space plasma science, space magnetic environment science, and animal husbandry. Station Nine environmental factors common to space can be simulated Vacuum, high and low temperatures, electromagnetic radiation, space dust, weak magnetic field and Microgravity.

“The achievement means that many future experiments that previously had to be carried out in space must now be carried out can be carried out on earth», Li Lii, director of the Space Environment and Materials Science Research Institute at the Harbin Institute of Technology, quoted the newspaper. Eliminate transfer of tools and equipment to space, a Earth Space Station This provides cost savings, reduced safety risks and the ability to control specific environmental factors for scientific experiments, the paper said.

The Asian country has a space station 'Diangong' Mandarin will operate for about 15 years at a distance of about 400 kilometers from the Earth's surface. This year, it is likely to become the world's only space station International Space StationA US-led initiative and China's ban on access due to military ties to its space program will be withdrawn as planned in 2024.

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China invested heavily in its space program and was able to land on the moon Chang'e 4 study At the far end of the Moon – it was the first to reach – and the first to reach Mars, becoming the third country – after America and the defunct Soviet Union – in 'Amritsar'.

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