Christian Cueva seeks return to football with Erling Holland's doctor: “It was a blessing to treat myself with that experienced doctor” | Video | Sports | Soccer-Peruvian

He saw the last Christian Cueva The match between them was in October last year at a stadium Lima Alliance and ADT. The reason for his absence? A knee injury put his future in question. For this panorama, 'Aladdin' went to Spain to speed up his recovery process and in the last hours, through the project Foodmax LeagueThe Manchester City star is reportedly being treated by a doctor. Erling Holland: “It was a blessing to be treated by a doctor with that experience.”. Be careful, he also hinted that he maintains contact with Red and White team strategist Jorge Fossati.

The national athlete from Al Fateh did not excel in 2023 with Alianza Lima: he played 27 games, provided one assist and did not register any goals. It was a far cry from the 'Aladdin' version that dominated the Peruvian national team during the 'Ricardo Carega Era' (2015 to 2022).

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Later, 'Aladino' indicated that he is being treated by a Manchester City medical specialist, with whom he hopes to return to football as soon as possible and, of course, wear the Peruvian national team shirt. “Dr. Ramon Erling is Holland's personal physician. He is his personal physician. Imagine treating myself to a doctor with that experience; It's a blessing.”He declared.

stands for '10' Ramon Cugat is an expert in treating injuries related to the knees. He has a close professional relationship with Manchester City and is consulted by the club's players, including the Norwegian. Also, he was the trusted physician of prominent Barcelona figures such as Cugat Luis Suárez, Pep Guardiola, Xavi, Samuel Eto'o, Andrés Iniesta, Carles Puyol and David Villa.

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The midfielder, who is still under contract Saudi Al Fateh (until 2025 after extension in 2023)A quick recovery and return to the pitch, looking to make Jorge Fossati's starting eleven. “He helps me, I talk to him a lot. Life is very clear; his experience is a reason. Whether he calls or not, it's his decision. I recover the human side in football and in life.“, to be precise.

Already back in the ring and recently keeping in touch with his teammate from the Peruvian national team is Paulo Guerrero. Now, as a UCV player, the 32-year-old midfielder also expressed his desire to get well soon. “Peruvian football and the national team need Cristian Cueva. He knows very well that he is a very important player with a lot of quality. “First, let him recover well, then return to the fields.”said the 40-year-old gunman RPP

Cueva is looking to return to football after Holland's doctor's treatment. (Video: L1 MAX).

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What do you know about Cuevas in the field of sports?

Although this year did not start well Christian Cueva, was caught playing football in Trujillo and involved in extra sports problems, on February 5 he went to Spain for knee surgery by Spanish doctor Ramon Cucut, recognized for operating on players such as Luis Suárez and Jefferson Farfán. Ten days after arriving at Barcelona for his intervention, the 32-year-old midfielder, amid personal problems, has spoken about his approach at the moment.

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I want to recover what I'm doing, I want to be happy with the ball, that's what makes me happy. The ball is my family, I'm going to restore happiness”, He said in an entertainment program from Spain. Now, Cueva will have to wait about 20 days to complete his medical recovery process. You need to look at everything related to your rehabilitation.

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