Christopher González made a surprising comment about Andy Polo’s future at the Universitario.

Christopher González has surprised Universitario fans by hinting at the future of the cream team and Ligue 1 man Andy Polo.

Andy Polo | Christopher Gonzalez made a surprising comment about the future of Luis Jimenez

Andy Polo Universitario and Ligue 1’s best man. The 29-year-old Fabian Bustos is an important part of the team, he takes the leadership role in the team and is the ‘odd’ when things are not going well for the team ‘OR’. Because of this, after the win against Sporting Crystal, ‘Manikkam’ scored a huge goal and was applauded by the fans.

Christopher Gonzalez is Andy Polo’s friend. Both grew up in small sections of the Universitario and in 2024 they met again in their love group. ‘Kanjitha’ is happy with the wonderful moment of ‘Zoya’ and she hopes that she can move abroad.

Andy is a very good friend of mine and I always wish him well. He is in a wonderful moment, not only in attack but in defense, he helps a lot. He’s a reference for the club, I’m very happy with his moment and we hope he can return overseas because I imagine that’s his dream. It should be taken advantage of” said Christopher Gonzalez.

How was Andy Polo’s goal against Sporting Crystal?

Around 33 minutes into the game, Andy Polo found a rebound on the edge of the area and fired a shot towards Solís’ goal. Due to the strength of the shot, the Sporting Crystal goalkeeper was unable to deny the ball. A goal is a tie for ‘U’.

Will Andy continue at Polo Universitario?

Libero knows that Andy Polo He is followed by Argentine soccer scouts. His fine form, both in Ligue 1 and the Copa Libertadores, has sparked the interest of various agents.

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Andy Polo is the best person at Universitario

Polo is one of the players who have logged the most minutes with Universitario in the 2024 season. This is a testament to its importance in the Fabián Bustos system. Its speed allows the ‘U’ to gain more presence in attack and cover the defensive zone.

How long does Andy Polo have a contract with Universitario?

Andy Polo returns to the Universitario for the 2022 season, after becoming champions with the team he loves, in 2023, the ‘U’ confirmed. ‘Zoya’ has renewed his contract till the end of 2025. The player is important to Cream’s team’s plan and he is also a reference point for the younger players.

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