Cindy Marino “Protected” by her ex-mother-in-law: “She was ‘with the microphone'”

In a radio interview, the businessman revealed an embarrassing moment he went through in an intimate encounter with his daughter’s father. Details in note.

The businessman surprised his fans by describing the embarrassing incident. | Libero composition.

For a while, Cindy Marino was a leading figure in Peruvian show business, but her presence on television dwindled over time. However, recently, it has once again caught the attention of some online users.

A former member of the comedy show “Comedy poster“He gave an interview to a popular media outlet and was encouraged to reveal an embarrassing moment he had with his ex-partner. What happened?

Cindy Marino was “protected” when she was close.

Cindy said she lived through a very embarrassing moment. The businessman went to the forest with his ex-partner and they were inspired to have an intimate meeting, but they never thought that the young man’s mother would find them.

“We were at the preview, ‘sing’ (…..) grabbed the ‘microphone’, started ‘singing’ and felt the presence of sister-in-law. I was in full swing. , I see my mother-in-law”commented the comedian between laughs.

The model said that the moment was very uncomfortable and indicated that she did not know how to act in this situation. “The Earth Will Swallow Me Up”He just thought that Cindy Marino. Additionally, he pointed out that he was able to pretend to be asleep after what happened.

The confession surprised thousands of netizens and the model’s fans, who did not hesitate to express their opinion by making funny comments. “Oh what a roach”, “I’m dying”, “An adventure is more fun if it smells of danger”, “It’s happened to us all”, “I can’t handle this much”, “They’re little things”Here are some news The clip went viral.

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