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It must have been a sweet and happy moment for the fans Sports UniversityIt almost ended in tragedy when a group of fans did a reckless act inside the chain's theater Cineplanet Mall del Sur in the San Juan de Miraflores district.

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In the cinema, the documentary “Illuminados” was screened, which tells the recent headline that the Merengue won the 2023 Peruvian League against its eternal sports rival, Alianza Lima. Suddenly the arena was full.

It was then that a group of fans decided to light up at least three Walking sticks In the middle of the room, endangering the audience, including several children, can be seen in different videos posted on social networks by the same fans.

The fans continued to sing and chant, oblivious to the presence of flammable materials in the theatre. Walking sticks.

Due to this, the cinema's fire alarm went off within minutes. Similarly, in a video, a film worker, A stick Have one of the bystanders lead her to the emergency door and try to turn it off, which she manages with some difficulty after a few seconds.

This irresponsible act can trigger a tragedy. The actions of the cinema staff, especially the worker who condemned the people who lit the lamp, should be brought to light. Walking sticks And managed to take the device out of the hand of one of them.

It will no longer be displayed

After events are triggered and recorded on video, chain Cineplanet It announced that its theaters would no longer screen the documentary “Illuminados.” He also pointed out that more disturbances were recorded in his campus, noting that the incident took place in more than one function.

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In light of the disruptions that occurred during some screenings of the documentary “Illuminados,” to protect the safety of our customers and collaborators, we would like to inform you that the documentary will no longer be screened in our theaters.”.

Likewise, the University Sports Club confirmed that the documentary will stop showing in its second week and will be shown in the provinces.

We regret that an irresponsible act unrelated to the club during the screening of the 'Illuminados' documentary jeopardized the integrity of the fans and workers attending the event.“, the club pointed out.

At another point he criticized the actions of unscrupulous fans who put people at risk through reckless actions. “We would like to stress that such reckless behavior directly affects the club. We ask our fans to behave in a way that does not damage the company's plans in a year as important as the centenary.”


Risk exposure

According to the Criminal Code, such an action is registered Cineplanet It is considered a crime of public danger and exposure to danger. “This is determined in Section 273 of the Penal Code (endanger by fire or explosion), which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison; Because the wrong lessons entered into it Cineplanet of South Mall cheater Walking sticks The fumes have endangered the lives, health and general well-being of people attending this theatre, especially minors.Attorney Aaron Aleman said.

The expert pointed out that a theater “is not only closed, but it is a very serious thing, it is very flammable, and as a result of this energy release, it is enough to cause a fire that causes both injuries. serious, including their death.”

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In this context, he said, “the Ministry of Public Affairs in coordination with the National Police of Peru should make the relevant arrests and initiate an immediate process, while the accused will be detained in flagrant delicto.” said.

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“If we take into account the fact that all the events were recorded on film, it creates direct evidence of an irrefutable nature linking the crime and the subsequent crime. Permit,” said Aleman.

SJM Municipality fined Cineplanet

The municipality of San Juan de Miraflores issued a fine Cineplanet of South MallFor not implementing security measures while conducting the event.

The Deputy Inspection Manager pointed out that the respective identifications and documents are in order in the establishment, but fines will be imposed for not implementing security measures during the transfer of documents. Sports UniversityThe fact that fans cause lights to turn on Walking sticks Inside the room, not only in the theater but the entire room will cause a huge fire. South Mall.

The municipality of San Juan de Miraflores fined the Cineplanet del Mall del Abbreviated UID for not implementing security measures during the event. (Video captured by SJM Municipality)

The baristas may have caused a major fire not only to the theater, but also to the theater, risking the lives of the spectators. South MallWilfredo Tenorio, deputy manager of research, said.

The Deputy Administration of Disaster Risk Management and Supervision of the Commune reviewed every detail of the incident site and checked whether there was any damage during the transfer of the cream documentary, as well as public health personnel. Items used for food sales.


Last December, a similar and alarming episode occurred at a cinema in Buenos Aires (Argentina) during the screening of “Muchachos,” a cinematic work documenting the experience of fans of the country’s soccer team during the 2022 Qatar World Cup. , the albiceleste team was crowned champions.

The movie was playing to a full house in a theater in the town of Morón, west of Buenos Aires, when the viewer had no better idea than to turn it on. stick within the enclosure.

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In November 2016, a fire broke out at the UVK Theater in Largomar. The incident took place in a place full of flammable materials and 4 people were killed.

Immediately, the projector stopped working, the film paused, and people began to leave the room in great disbelief as the smoke billowed out. stick Decreased vision and breathing capacity. Even the scenes of panic thankfully didn't escalate as some participants turned off the device.

In this event, the stick lit, it did not cause flames or start a fire. The man was escorted out of the cinema by private security officers and his attitude was condemned by other audience members.

After the episode, attendees were unable to continue watching the film as the theater closed the room for renovations and waited for the smoke to clear. Meanwhile, the ceremony was rescheduled.

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On the other hand, on November 16, 2016, a fire broke out in Room 10 of the UVK Theater in Largomar while preparing for a special screening of the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. The incident took place in a place full of flammable materials, resulting in the death of four workers from the cinema chain.

It took six hours to douse the fire, which, according to investigations, was caused by a short circuit. Likewise, it was found that there were no water sprinklers in the premises or smoke detectors were not working on time.

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