Claudio Pizarro and his response to Juan Reynoso’s continuation in the Peruvian team | game

Claudio Pizarro talked about the sequel Juan Reynoso And voices calling for Peru to withdraw from the team. ‘The Bomber of the Andes’ will mark their chances of reaching the World Cup and North America’s 2026 qualifier against Argentina this Tuesday.

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Pizarro gave an exclusive interview to D-Day on Sunday in which he discussed the current situation of the national team and in his opinion, Juan Reynoso He should continue to command the Red and White team.

“They asked Kareka to get rid of him just like they lost him, I don’t remember. In the end we almost made it to the World Cup. Let’s see what happens now. I think it’s too early to judge. We as fans have to support the team no matter what,” he said.Accurate.

Although he admitted that replacing key players was ‘complicated’, he also felt that processes should be respected. “We are still with the old players; But I believe we have a team to reach the next World Cup.He said.

TROME |  Claudio Pizarro (D-Day) in the Peruvian team
TROME | Claudio Pizarro (D-Day) in the Peruvian team

Claudio Pizarro’s opinion on Peru – Argentina

In the aforementioned interview, Claudio Pizarro He also spoke about Tuesday’s expected clash between the Peruvian team and world champions Argentina.

“It will be complicated; but we are at home. We have to go out and win whoever comes. I think we have a team to treat equally. Obviously, we have to be careful with some of their players because they are important, but we have to try to win the game.“, he concluded Claudio Pizarro.

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