Comets help create the building blocks of life for planets across the galaxy

Comets may be messengers of the most fundamental particles of life in the galaxy.

AI-generated image of a comet impacting a planet.

The LifeOn earth we know and can Coming from outside the planet, perhaps from our solar system, perhaps from the Milky Way, many experts assert. Now, one last thank you InvestigationLet us delve a little deeper into an unusual theory that affirms that we are all children of the universe.

The wandering journey of comets through the galaxy

Richard Anslow, lead author of the study published in Revista Proceedings of the Royal Society AIt explains how it is possible LifeOr at least Basic elements As it grows, it can Coming from the comet It travels through space.

The study says So these comets can ‘deliver’ Among those basic building blocks for life, its Speed should be less than 15 kilometers per secondOtherwise the particles will not resist temperature or impact speed.

The study confirms that Mostly places In it this birth of life takes place Planetary systems In which the The distance between the planets is not much. At this stage, A comet may ‘bounce’ From the orbit of one planet to the orbit of another planet, its path decreases, making it possible for life to develop in some of these corners of the universe.

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The researchers don’t say that comets brought life to Earth, but they do consider this possibility. That’s the reason Richard Anslow announced:

The molecules that brought life to Earth probably came from comets, so the same holds true for planets in other galaxies.

However, as you can imagine, many computer models and thorough analyzes are necessary Know what kind of planets life can make its way to, as happened on Earth. Researchers claim that the planets revolve around a A star like the sunThey have a Fertilizer time And should be Near other planets.

However, it would be more difficult for planets around red dwarfs to have the conditions necessary for life because the impacts occur at high speeds. In this way, scientists have new ways to understand the origin of life New methods can Investigation far away Extraterrestrials If these are already included Basic modules Who knows species like us.

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