Comment by Federico SORIGUER

Comment by Federico SORIGUER

What happens with Tonana will be studied in the future in political and social science departments of all European universities, under the name Donna case. Max Weber a century ago Politician and Scientist, differences but reflected in the close relations between the two. A politician is an active person, inevitably forced to make binary and irreversible decisions, while a scientist is someone who examines the world critically and reflectively without much haste. In a certain way, science, at least in the early twentieth century, as reflected by Weber, was closer to what he elsewhere called the ethics of belief, while politics was the paradigmatic example of the ethics of responsibility. However, science as conceived by Weber is capable of serving the man of action (politician) in the same way that the attitude of the politician differs in conclusion, but not in nature, which is very similar. of scientific man. From this humble position, science and politics are condemned to understand each other. Would Weber change his mind if he could see the junta trying to pass the Irrigation Act against all scientific opinion? He certainly does not take kindly to politicians. Because what is happening in Andalusia is a full-scale conflict between the scientific community and the political community represented by the CSIC Biological Station and the current Junta de Andalucía, around a place of socio-economic value, Doñana. All eyes of the international community are on it. He Donna case This is exemplary for several reasons. All the more important because it occurs against the backdrop of the great challenge of climate change. Climate change is not a discovery of science, it is a discovery after decades of effort by hundreds of scientists who have studied the complex interactions between man and nature. But for many politicians, for example, the current members of the military junta and a section of society, this whole thing is, in the best cases, no more than a nuisance that they prefer to ignore, and in the worst cases, the fruit of denial of truth and scientific evidence. Junta’s case is very interesting, because although this refusal has the best information possible, for many years the biological station is located within Donana Park, they share a table in the participation councils of the natural space. . How can they ignore the reports of their own scientists? So who do they believe? Who are your advisors on such complex issues? Isabelle Stengers, the great Belgian philosopher who collaborated on various projects with Nobel Prize in Physics Ilya Prigonine in her latest book, is an example of what is happening with the politicians of the Junta de Andalucia: Another scientific possibility. A report of inertia in the skynciaHe cites Naomi Oresquez and Eric Conway, who he calls “merchants of doubt.” From Copernicus to Galileo or Darwin, scientists have been characterized by revealing “inconvenient truths” that forced the ever-present naysayers to sharpen their weapons through what they believed to be unassailable. But the “inconvenient truths” that these new “skeptic merchants” are now working against are politicians, not because they don’t believe it or because they don’t have enough information, but because of the economic consequences of a certain group and their own calculations. Because, surprisingly, what scientists have discovered is that those traditional allies that Weber envisioned are still only able when “scientific facts” help the development of productive forces at any cost, but when this does not happen. Become promoters of “bitten” skepticism. “Merchants of doubt”, in the service of specific economic interests, in fact, the results of scientific research, have now been turned into reports in the service of representatives of the interests of all citizens, and they certainly do not bother only a few. Because the unfortunate cAso Donana, and Andalusian politicians know that this is a way to prolong for a while the benefits at the expense of exploiting scarce resources that belong to all, rather than a flight forward, which would otherwise lead to unemployment and poverty for part of the population. Yet another form of moral hazard. For some politicians the immediate future does not look great and the only answers to the lack of reason seem to be of the type: “God will provide”, if they believe in miracles, or “Anja es Castilla”, if they are not cynical, Weber did not think of them when he identified these politicians as the true representatives of the ethic of responsibility. Because what will be studied in university departments in the future Donna case It would not be the norm of politics but the absence of it. And, honestly, Andalusia doesn’t deserve to go down in history like this.

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