Compliments to Jean Paul Santa Maria, Romina Cachoi and his return to Cumbia with the Great International Orchestra

Jean-Paul Santa Maria, a new member of the Great International Orchestra, spoke about the support he received from Romina Cachoi, the mother of his last child. (Infobae/Marylin Farroñay)

Staying away from scandals, he was determined not to talk too much about his ongoing legal conflict Angie Jibaja, Jean Paul Santa Maria was announced as a new member of Best international band, led by Cristian Dominguez. The former model spoke with Infobae Peru About the new phase in his life supported by his girlfriend Romina Cachoi.

“I feel grateful to everyone for being with me at such an important moment. Christian and thanks to them Best international band For this opportunity they are giving me. I feel happy and anxious because we will be in Arequipa on Saturday. I’ll give it my best,” the cumbia singer said.

Jean Paul Santa Maria made his debut with the Great International Orchestra. (USA TV)

On the other hand, Jean Paul Santa Maria He admits that singing in a cumbia band is a “sacrificing job” because he is away from his family for a while when he goes on tour. That’s why he talked to his ally, Uruguay Romina CachoiBefore accepting the proposal.

According to the musician, his late mother supported him from start to finish, in fact, she was the one who encouraged him to enter. Best international band.

“We talked about it and she already knew the job because I was in another band before. So, she said to me: ‘Honey, this is a great opportunity, this is what you’re interested in, this is the biggest growth you’ll get with Christian, this is a great band.’ She knew guys. She told me, ‘Take advantage of it, give it your all.’

He does not hesitate to express his love for her Romina Cachoi, has been by his side for more than a decade. “What can I tell you, 11 years together was not in vain. I found a perfect, suitable woman and I am very supported,” he said.

Romina Cachoi and Jean Paul Santa Maria. (Photo: Spread)

Jean Paul Santa Maria He came out for protection Michelle Soffer, who stormed off during his concert at the Reggaeton Lima Festival on May 23 at the San Marcos Stadium. Cumbiampero lamented that the famous ‘Solcito’ had passed such an embarrassing moment, and because of his own comrades.

Michelle Soifer gets screwed at the Reggaeton Lima festival.

“I understand they called her at the last minute because of the lack of organization and production issues. They told her if she could cover, she called her team and they saw it as a great opportunity to put their talent on the table. They’re going to have your audience, their guys, support. They went with the illusion of standing in expectation,” he said. Infobae Peru.

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Then he assured Michelle Soffer An artist who has been in the business for years does not deserve such treatment. “She is not temporary. He wants to grow and improve in his art. So, it is not right for a person to go with that illusion and get the opposite in bulk and get from the masses. This is unfortunate. If we want to get a Bad Bunny or Carol G, artists topping the charts, we need to start supporting ourselves from home.

“If you don’t like it, at least respect it. That’s enough, that’s enough,” he said. Jean Paul Santa Maria.

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