Congress: Economic Commission to vote tomorrow to withdraw 4 UITs from AFP fund | news

This was announced by Congressman Jose Luna Galvez, who announced that the proposed prediction The law to modernize the Peruvian pension system envisages the withdrawal of up to four UITs this time; However, he cautioned that only those who have not made continuous contributions for at least six months till December 31, 2023 can access the withdrawal.

They also cannot charge feesEligible for access according to assessment Special Early Retirement Scheme (REJA).

And, he explained, the report, which will be discussed at a decentralized session at Sanchamayo in Junin, proposes to give recognition. Withdrawal of up to two ITUs In a way Members suffering from oncology.

This is an improvement on the previous forecast, which proposed withdrawing only up to two UITs; however, This opportunity should be open to all members, not just the unemployedsaid the Member of Parliament.

In this light, he continued The strike will continue until all members withdraw their contributions Not just those who have been unemployed for six months.

The parliamentarian pointed out that the decision came a week after a march reached Congress demanding immediate withdrawal of four UITs from AFP accounts.

The crowd that participated in that march was the voice of the citizens who were looking for that money to meet their needs. Today is the time Urgent measures should be taken to revive the economy and improve institutions, especially micro and small businesses; Creating employment and addressing citizen insecurity“, he said.

Luna Gálvez reaffirmed that an element of democracy and social market economy respects the freedom and right of citizens to make decisions about their money. Thus, the Parliament invited legislators and executive officers By doing so they fulfill the social debt owed to them Approval of withdrawal of four ITUs from AFP.

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