Congress gives green light to MEF for S/ 1,581 million to deal with economic restructuring and El Niño | economy

Amid recognition that Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) In this Facing the Great DepressionThe Republican Congress approved additional loans of over S/ 1,581 million.

Exceptionally, these resources will be used to finance economic restructuring and measures to address the immediate risk of an El Niño event by 2024, among other measures, according to the alternative text. Bill 5997 Issued by the Executive Branch.

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The day before yesterday, Budget and Public Accounts Commission of the Republic approved the projection discussed in full session of Congress; However, this new project It added 30 more changes at the request of MPsCommission Chairman Jose Geri explained.

He Economy Minister, Alex Contreras, He said a few hours ago that the sub-credit would allow the GDP to increase by five percentage points. “This is a fiscal stimulus, properly calibrated, that will allow us to get out of this recession.” A scenario now endorsed by the chairman of the MEF.

Jose Geri from Somos Peru participated in a meeting with Tina Boluiarte. (Photo: GEC)

Changes in Additional Credit Scheme

Commission Chairman Jose Gerry Ore reiterated that the 30 changes were made because of congressmen’s requests.

Thus he said, A new discussion in three weeks Public Sector Budget Act for Fiscal Year 2024One can do this Resume the demand of some members of parliament in allocating resources which are not considered now in sub-debt.

Purpose of discussion and approval of budget legislation The deadline is November 30.

Economy Minister, Alex Contreras, pointed out what this isAncillary income is a strong, short-term financial interventionMeticulously calibrated, with the aim of moving the economy forward from this downturn.

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During the discussion held the day before yesterday, the Chairman of the Budget Commission, MEF and Congressman Jerry Ore They called on university teaching unions to call off their almost month-long strike and promised to address their demands when the 2024 public sector budget law is debated.

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