Crew members of NASA's Crew-7 mission have successfully returned from space

Four crew members of the seventh commercial space mission NASA And SpaceX landed on the beach on March 12, 2024 Pensacola (Florida) More than six months passed at 5:48 (9:48 GMT) after a 19.5-hour journey from the International Space Station (ISS).

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Now the crew of the landed spacecraft is being formed Astronaut Jasmine Mogbeli, from NASA; Andreas Mogensen, from the European Space Agency (ESA); Satoshi Furukawa from Java, Japan and Konstantin Borisov from Roscosmos, Russia are back aboard the SpaceX Dragon capsule, Endurance.

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Enter the capsule in which the astronauts traveled Atmosphere It took off from the ground at 9:30 GMT and five minutes before splashdown, it deployed four giant parachutes to ensure a stable landing, and they separated from the capsule upon reaching the ocean.

According to NASA, the process spaceship The impact was carried out in a controlled manner with the sea surface in “very stable conditions”, thanks to the good functioning of the safety measures protecting against the decompression process and the stable weather conditions in which the operation took place.

For these activities, the United States Coast GuardTogether with SpaceX and NASA, it has established a safety zone to ensure the safety of people participating in public safety and rescue operations and the crew on the returning spacecraft.

In the last six months Orbital LaboratoryAt its installation site on August 27, 2023, the station has carried out hundreds of tests, technical tests and maintenance work.

Created within the Crew-7 framework Commercial Group Program (CCP) From NASA, the US agency sends private space companies such as SpaceX to carry crews and cargo to the ISS and other missions in low Earth orbit.

It was the first mission in which every seat on the shuttle, built mainly in Denmark, was occupied by a different country, and NASA always includes two or three of its planes. Taxi D SpaceX.

Four crew members were released last Sunday by the SpaceX Crew-8 commercial mission. NASA astronauts Matthew Dominique, Michael Barratt and Jeanette Epps and astronaut Alexander Grebenkin.

It was the eighth orbital flight of a new crew and the ninth manned spaceflight. SpaceX Dragon spacecraft For Commercial Group Program (CCP) to ISS.

These commercial flights were permitted starting in 2020 America After the Space Shuttle program was canceled in 2011 to send astronauts back from US soil.

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