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Two weeks after her measles spread with Marie Moncada, young Siglayana Alexa Samame reports, Christian Dominguez decided to work again with Great Orchestra.

Cumbiambero appeared Saptanjala, Aika, It was last Friday night and he got his fans excited with his band's most popular songs and the expectedly popular 'Worm Dance'.

Drome – Cristian Dominguez reappears in Ica with La Gran Orquesta after the betrayal scandal: “I'm back with God's blessing”

In the pictures shared on TikTok, it is observed how the public received Christian Dominguez positively despite being the target of criticism in recent days for his infidelity with Pamela Franco.

Christian Dominguez safely exits concert at ICA

Besides, Christian Dominguez He used his own social networks to share the memorable moments of his return to the stage and thanked his fans for their good reception.

“Today I am back with God's blessings, thank you Subdanjalla“Wrote Kumbiembero on his Instagram stories along with a video of his presentation.

Cristian Dominguez reappears in Ica with La Gran Orquesta after infidelity scandal

Likewise, he posted pictures of his departure from the campus, where dozens of followers could be seen struggling to get close to him, so much so that he had to be escorted by four security agents.

“When they love you, they love you, God bless them” He proudly wrote next to the video.

Drome – Cristian Dominguez reappears in Aiga with La Gran Orquesta after betrayal scandal

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