Cuto Guadalupe criticizes Yahaira Plasencia for what she said about the salsa boat and why she likes Daniela Darcourt: she doesn’t know humility, I hope she studies to sing La Linares YouTube trcm | programs

your opinion. Kudo Guadalupe His comment against has caused controversy Yahaira Placencia, a former partner of his son-in-law Jefferson Farban. In an interview with LaLinares, she indicated that she likes salsa singer Daniela Tarcourt “light years” because she prepared herself for a better song.

“I love it by far, light years. Do you know what hate means or I don’t like it?” She never knew what humility was, and I think she never knew what humility was. Because when you’re humble, you always have to be the same. “If you don’t respect the press or you don’t want them to ask you questions, you say, ‘No, it’s not,'” he said.

Along these lines, Guto advised Yahaira to focus on her career rather than her physical appearance as time passes for everyone.

“So I guess When she realizes that youth is fleeting and she won’t have that physique forever. Oh, my mother!” he remarked.

TROME | Guto Guadalupe talks about Yahaira Placencia

Cueto and his opinion of Yahaira as a singer

After answering whether he hates it or not Yahaira Placencia, ‘Gudo’ Guadalupe Noting that he had lost his chances of excelling with Sergio Jorge, he sent Yahaira Placencia to study.

“I’m going with Daniela because she’s prepared herself, she’s educated, she speaks like two languages. It is at an impressive level and I hope at some point Yahaira will study to sing because you need to polish.. If you want to go beyond, you have to work for it. Polish and improve some things, because if you don’t come with (Sergio) Jorge, Jorge is not a magician”, pointed out.

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