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The remains of Venezuela’s brutal criminal, Maltito Cris, remain in hospital at Lima’s central mortuary after he died in a standoff with police for more than 72 hours without anyone coming forward to request a Christian burial.

Details of the arrest of ‘Dame Kris’

Not her stepmother, not her partner. Wanda del Valle Fewer relatives have arrived at the local mortuary in Lima to begin the process of disposing of the body of the brutal murderer of a night watchman and a policeman from Surco.

Because of the frenzy with which he acted Christopher Fuente GonzalezHis loved ones would be afraid to indulge in these activities and that is why they did not come forward to claim his body.

The government can dispose of the remains unless requested by anyone Oh Chris According to Section 114 of the Public Health Act.

‘Dame Cris’ Lived Like a King in Independencia and Los Olivos: This Is How a Depressed Criminal Acted

Christopher Fuentes Gonzalez (24), ‘Oh Chris‘ or ‘fifo,’ rotting in hell; However his girlfriend Wanda Bermudez Viera (26), still free ‘La bebecita del crimen’, wondering what to do with Venezuela’s ‘business’: quotas for prostitutes working around a shopping centre. Independence.

Despite being the country’s most wanted man for murdering at least seven people, including a policeman and a night watchman from Surko, Oh Chris Many nights in between are seen near this place Panamericana Norte and Izaguirre Avenue.

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