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The controversy surrounding George Benavides continues. Dayanita will return ‘Eruption of the Cholas’ and will address all aspects related to your departure ‘JP and ATV’ and his working relationship with a famous impersonator.

The US TV Saturday show released a preview confirming the comedienne’s participation, noting that she would make a painful confession.

In the preview, a snippet of the previous statement can be heard where the artist mentions: “I cry helplessly”After the tears she shed at the Ernesto Pimentel show a week ago.

According to producer Karim Marengo, according to common knowledge, Dayanita was fired from ATV due to indiscipline. George Benowitz described it as “ungratefulHe contradicted it by saying that he had an agreement in the said section of the scheme, under the section ‘value of vegetables’.

TROME – Dayanita returns to ‘Reventonazo de la Sola’ to answer JP

Dayanita responds to George Benowitz: “I’m a wonderful person, I don’t come here to cry or feel sorry for work”

The response’s progress this Monday raised huge expectations Dayanita A George Benavides Command who commands. From the beginning of the show Maria Pia Copello y la Carlotta, the presence of the comedienne was announced, she would answer everything. JP.

At the end of America Television’s entertainment space, Dayanita He also confirmed that he couldn’t go to the set as he was working on recording and recording content for his networks.

“First of all I want to thank everyone, I always thanked at that time. I know I didn’t speak badly, they asked me a question, I tried to answer, but I never spoke badly about my former boss and my former colleagues, on the contrary, to everyone, I am grateful to my ex.-Boss, because thanks to him and thanks to the program I received the love of all people, and I receive it until now “, Commented.

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Dayanita affirms that she is grateful and that money won’t change her: “I’m a great person, I’m amazing.”

Maria Pia tells Dayanita to be “grateful” and she interrupts her: “She’s grateful.”

After George Benowitz’s statements on ATV, Dayanita voiced her defense on America Television’s “Send Someone In Charge”. He should listen to the lessons he gave there Maria Pia Cobello.

“I’ll tell you one thing: You should always leave a job well, One should always be grateful and call the right person to say goodbyeMaria Bia said.

With this in mind, Dayanita stops the conversation to correct it as she recognizes her as a man and says the following: “She’s grateful”.

Maria Bia stops Dayanita

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