Did they fight? Watch Juan Manuel Loco Vargas and Luis Guto Guadalupe (Video) Strong Pass | Foodmax League | Crazy and beautiful | game

Another Foodmax League match almost turned into a pitching battle Louis Guadalupe It passed Juan Manuel Vargas For a controversial play.

As recalled, both former Universitario de Deportes players are now owners of two teams in the amateur competition organized and promoted by Carlos Zambrano.

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However, during the second date of this entertaining championship, the match of the night was undoubtedly the best match between the two clubs ‘Locos por el futbol’ and ‘La fe del Cuto FC’.

Precisely, after ‘Loco’ Vargas’ team won 1-0, a strong foul unleashed the fury of ‘Guto’, who jumped in cheers and pushed everyone in his path.

One of the victims, the former left back, happily decided to play down the incident and did not respond to avoid a fierce pitch battle at the San Miguel Stadium.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened. The match referee was able to control the match until ‘Locos Por el Futbol’ defeated ‘La Fe del Guto FC’ by a resounding score of 5-3.

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