Did Yotún prevent Piero Quispe from giving statements to Movistar Deportes? This is what Pedro Garcia said Answers

The Team Peru They are yet to win the South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup. On this occasion, on the 5th, Baikal lost 0-2 against Bolivia and is at the bottom of the table with only one point. However, one of the selected players did well for his game Piero QuispeI could not inform the national press Yoshimar Yotún He led him to the dressing room.

Why didn’t Pioro quisp at the end of Bolivia VS. Peru?

In addition to his introduction, Pedro García, a journalist from Movistar Deportes, approached Piero Quispe to interview him and get his opinion on the fight against La Verde, after the Peruvian team ended a winless match in the visit to the Madlands. With complete selection in these 2026 qualifiers. However, Yotún appeared and took the 22-year-old attacker away from the media.

“Pyro, give me a second. Here’s Piero Quispe, a fantastic player despite losing today… Yotún takes him”, wondered the sports commentator during the Movistar Deportes broadcast, with Renato Tapia speaking in his stead.

What did Kogi Consols say about Carlos Zambrano?

Preview of Bolivia vs. Peru for South American qualifiers Kogi Gonzalez did not miss the moment to reconsider Carlos Zambrano’s right in the Peruvian squad due to his current physical condition.

“I want Zambrano to be better in today’s game, surviving the Alianza Lima nutritionist who hasn’t seen him in four weeks. I love that, he has to have that level of performance, he has to escape the nutritionist.“, Came to know.

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Likewise, before the match against Altiplanicos, he used his YouTube channel to explain the reasons why ‘Kaiser’ should not be a starter in the match. The Latino said that the Alianza Lima defender was not at his best football moment, and this was especially proven against Universitario de Deportes in the final of the 2023 Ligue 1 title.

Zambrano is an exceptional player who has had an amazing career, who has made important appearances for the national team, but no one is going to argue that he didn’t have a good time today. He didn’t play a good final, he was responsible for ‘Orejas’ Flores’ goal, but he was not fit.” he said on his show.

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