Dina Boluarte and 10 moments that mark the first year in power | principle

Dina Boluarte and 10 moments that mark the first year in power |  principle

10. Caught up with the National Prosecutor

He and President Tina Pollarde accused each other of politicking each other after the Special Prosecutors’ Committee Against Corruption in Power (Eficcop) detained its chief adviser and revealed that national prosecutor Patricia allegedly headed a criminal network within the public ministry. Maneuvers to interfere with investigations that compromise them.

The two spoke on Monday, November 27. Poluarte, from the Government Palace, was surrounded by members of the ministerial cabinet, while Benavides, from the Public Ministry, was accompanied only by temporary prosecutors, representatives and two senior prosecutors, Marena Mendoza and Carina Quince.

During his speech, the national prosecutor, who did not distance himself from his suspended counsel, Jaime Villanueva, said he did not fear “retaliation” and would act quickly on the cases he was in charge of. He said he filed a constitutional complaint against the head of state, Prime Minister Alberto Otterola and other members of the administration for those who died in anti-government protests between December and March.

In a document provided to Congress to which El Comercio had access, Benavides Bolavarte accused five of the 49 people who died in the conflict of failing to commit aggravated murder and serious injury “against a background of gross violations of human rights.” Law enforcement.

According to the 165-page indictment, Poluarte “in his capacity as President of the Republic” received official information and through the media about the development of the protests, “police and military personnel” he used guns. against the people.” Similarly, they used their forces and weapons “disproportionately and dangerously.

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The president, the constitutional complaint adds, “despite his duty as a guarantor, and despite his position of dominance over the powers of order, has refrained from taking any measures to control and prevent the continued occurrence of deaths of citizens.”

Boluarte y Otárola reduced the charges against Benavides, recalling that a few weeks earlier the national prosecutor had extended the investigations into the deaths in the protests by eight months. Later, he justified the move as only 20% of the proceedings had progressed and the statement of 300 witnesses was yet to be taken.

On November 29, he ended his apparent intimacy with the head of the Public Ministry, saying that Benavides had “lost objectivity” to “continue in office”.


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