Dina Boluarte surrounded: the prosecutor's office announces that it is investigating, in addition to Rolex, jewelry worth 556 thousand US dollars, millions in her accounts and more.

The Nation's attorney announced that Tina Polwart is being investigated for possession of a fancy bracelet. TV Congress

Advocate of the Nation, Juan Carlos VillanaThe President said on Tuesday In Boluarte Not only was its collection investigated Rolex watches Undeclared, but the increase in assets found in her affidavits, the expensive jewelry she wore on official occasions and deposits of unknown origin. Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) identified in their bank accounts.

The head of the public ministry announced at the Congressional Oversight Committee, where the President appeared to report on the progress of the investigation into alleged illegal enrichment and failure to report. “On April 1, through a provision, the factual framework of the charge was expanded,” he told the delegation.

Villena pointed out that the investigation now includes “his sworn statements, where the increase of more than 432 thousand soles would have been within two years” and “the possession of a Cartier bracelet.” [valorizada en] 56 thousand dollars” and jewelry “more than US $500,000”.

“Finally, the charge is extended to the origin of one million hundred thousand dollars not deposited in their bank accounts; however, it is to be noted that the investigation of deposits which may only be in [período] The President held the position of Minister of State in that,” he said.

Banking and insurance watchdog (SBS) FIU found “suspicious movements” in its accounts between August 2016 and August 2022, during which it “received numerous cash deposits and transfers, the origin of which is unknown.

Cases surrounding the ruler in fiscal jurisdiction were exposed La Enzerona, Republic of Y Trade After the political upheaval that produced the resignation of the former prime minister Alberto OtterolaHe resigned after being accused of facilitating an irregular deal for his former partner with the state.

Poluiarte He has tripled his assets from 2021 to 2023, according to 13 affidavits he filed with the comptroller's office. In just two years, the amount recorded under the item 'Others' – valuable assets, assets leased, leased or assigned, as well as interest arising from capital, royalties, annuities, etc. – rose from S/160,415. .060 to S/593,347.31.

In 2021 alone, the amount was S/197,651.06. The following year, it started at S/198,215.06 and ended at S/389,519.23, while in 2023, the same item recorded S/593,347.31. There is a difference from the first document to the last document S/432.932,25 soles. During that period, he moved from Vice President and Minister of Development and Social Inclusion to Head of State, with a monthly salary varying from S/ 30 thousand to S/ 16 thousand.

President Tina Polwarte addresses the nation before Congress on Republic Independence Day. Photo: Jhonel Rodríguez Robles/President of Peru

A review of photos of Boluarte's activities revealed high-quality jewelry from international brands that, together, can be valued at approx. 500,000 dollars, According to experts.

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At one of his presentations at Apec 2023, the head of state wore more than $150,000 worth of jewelry: a $14,000 Rolex, $54,300 in gold and a diamond bracelet from French brand Cartier, which we identified yesterday.

Likewise, two Cartier gold rings, one with 66 diamonds, total weight 0.70 carats, cost $12,500, and the other with 85 diamonds, total weight 0.31 carats, valued at $8,900. respectively.

In addition, she flaunted a gold necklace with a white cultured pearl, paired with white pearl earrings, from the prestigious and exclusive brand Van Cleef & Arpels, worth around $70,000. In addition, a second gold bracelet and another gold ring with a diamond or precious stone, valued at approximately $16,000.

Experts in high-end watches pointed out that President Tina Bolavarte owns at least 4 Rolexes with a price tag of more than 14 thousand dollars in official stores. (Photo: Composite – Infobay/Renato Silva)

Among its jewels Love Pave bracelet from famous French brand Cartier, which is made of 18-carat sterling yellow gold, set with 204 diamonds weighing 2 carats (400 milligrams) each. It is priced at $54,300.

According to a report republic, Pollarde must clarify where the jewels are now and why they did not appear during the investigation held last weekend at his home in Cirquillo and his offices at the Government Palace.

This point could lead to obstruction of justice or expansion of investigations against her, one of her family members or accomplices. Access to the attorney's office is required to determine these jewels and watches for their origin and, above all, their value to clarify the possible. Illegal Enrichment.

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