Dina Boluarte's notebook with confidential data disappears, but hours later it is found on Vía Expresa

President Tina Polwart's notebook security breached when 'notebook with data' goes missing (Capture: Panorama)

He Diary of events Records confidential data on visits to the President's home In Boluarte According to a report released this Sunday, he mysteriously disappeared, but was found hours later on the side of the expressway. Panorama.

Chairman of the Cabinet, Gustavo AdriansenConfirming the loss, he noted that it had “attracted the attention” of the executive so that the Home Ministry “has already taken appropriate steps.”

The Prime Minister spoke on the matter in a news broadcast by the State Channel as a result of revelations by journalists about the acquisition of undeclared luxury watches by the President and over a million of unknown origin. Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) in your accounts.

According to the Sunday newspaper, the news notebook was lost at 8:00 a.m. last Friday the 15th and was found two hours later by an agent assigned to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) near Avenida Paseo de la. Republic.

A notebook with vital information about Tina Poluarte disappears from her home and is found on the Via Expressa. (Capture: Panorama)

It is a notebook that contains vital data about the head of state, such as the name of people who enter his house, the time of their visit, their addresses and vehicle license plates, as well as the movements of the president and his family. Inside and outside the house.

“Loss means your home information is at risk. It is unusual for a notebook to disappear overnight. I think an investigation should be conducted to determine the circumstances under which it was lost; one or more persons should be held responsible,” said Sunday, former head of the Directorate of Counter-Terrorism (DIRCOD). told the newspaper. Jose Payella.

that morning, Poluiarte Villa was at the El Salvador Sports Center to tour the three venues that will host the 2027 Pan American Games. According to the report, the loss was reported to the National Police (PNP) high command and state security implemented a protocol of emergency.

Around 10:00 am, an agent assigned to PCM, after receiving a call, found the notebook on the expressway and returned it to his command. Then, additionally, the Directorate of National Intelligence (DINI) ordered the identification of the entire security ring.

A notebook with vital information about Tina Poluarte disappears from her home and is found on the Via Expressa. (Capture: Panorama)

Panorama It was learned from official sources that several pages of the lost notebook contained the name of the President's brother. Nicanor PolwarteInvestigated for alleged commission of corruption offences.

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Upon his return, the PNP Inspector General summoned 12 presidential security agents to give their testimonies and pass a polygraph test. According to Sunday's newspaper, the intelligence agency is considering the thesis that the loss was part of a plan to obtain that classified information.

When the ruler came to know about this incident, she would have exploded in anger because she would not have known about the existence of the note book and she would not have known that her security agents had recorded the visitors to her house in that district. CirquilloHow long were they in and what time did they leave?

The 12 agents involved were relieved of their posts by order of the PNP Commander General, Victor Janabria (Four of them are no longer part of the state security and are at the disposal of the Lima Police Region), the report says.

“To conclude with these cases of creation Confused political noise“I cannot fail to mention that the missing note of events from the President's residence has drawn great attention and the Ministry has already taken appropriate steps to determine the liabilities that may arise in this regard.” The Prime Minister said in a televised message. Meanwhile Polwarte remains silent.

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