Does the video technology brought over from National Europe really work?

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Before the match against USA, National Athletics For this season he announced that he would begin using video technology brought over from Europe, which allows members of the coaching staff to make real-time decisions based on images taken by his scouts with the aim of adjusting tactics. Details during the game.

This notice is issued with decorum. From the green box, they prided themselves on being the first team in Colombia to have this type of technology used by the best clubs and teams in the world, and it was used as well. Qatar World Cup 2022.

“We have a new video transmission system that allows our analysts to send clips with information about key plays during the game,” the green box posted on its social networks, showing its fans the new technology it had acquired.

However, after a poor performance by the leading team John Gyro Bodmer In a fight valid for a second date Betpay League 2024-2, It finished 4-1 in favor of one of its historic rivals, Valle del Cauca., Many fans took to social networks to question whether the technology presented by the team last week was actually effective or not.

Without being connected to the Internet, the system takes 6 seconds to send an image from the inspectors location to the replacement bench, allowing the technician to view the planned project from another perspective. They do not certify that the match is awarded or not, but that the matches can be won.

Video analysts located at the top of the tribune, They send footage to the coach with cuts agreed with the coach, Under his criteria, he is a real person who makes decisions that help players perform better on the field.

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This technology was first used in a seasonal friendly match. The second was a pilot project for a competitive game, in a tussle against Alianza de Valledupar, in which the Greens, after playing a poor first half, L.Attanasio Girardot came from 0-1 down to win 1-3.

Despite being the only Colombian team with this type of equipment, the green team did not convince its fans. At the moment it is ranked tenth in the rankings with three units. National goal difference -1, scored 4 goals, conceded 5.

The National's next match in the domestic competition is next Thursday, February 1, 2024. Caldas de Manizales once at the Attanasio Girardot stadium. Proceedings are scheduled to begin at 6:10pm on the day, and Bodmer will be tasked with proving that I was able to straighten the course of the green box with the help of technology.

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